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  • List of Top 7 Popular Web Design Topics of 2019

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    In this everyday changing world, staying updated is crucial. Out of all the other things, your website should follow latest web design trends. It’s all about delivering on user experience.


    Responsive Design



    From past few years, responsive design is the topic which is widely discussed and followed. The ability of a website to adapt different screen sizes, be it 21 inch laptop or 5 inch mobile screen or a tablet or an ipad or any other device. Responsive web design is extremely important for growing your customer base online as it provides optimal and positive viewing experience to the users. There are many web development companies which widely provide responsive web design services.





    Minimalism is another trendy topic shaking up the modern design approach. Minimalism is the art of less. Current philosophy of designers is ‘less is more’. Clean design with minimum elements is revolutionizing the web designing world. The interfaces are simplified by removing unnecessary elements. Flat patterns and textures, limited monochromatic colour palette, restricted features and elements, maximized negative space, are some of the characteristics of minimalism.


    Cross Browser Compatibility


    The ability of a website to function across different browsers is known as cross browser compatibility. It is something which makes a website great. This is the basic functionality in a website which any web developer will look for. Every client wants a website which is compatible with all browsers including different versions.



    Text is the mode of communication in web design context. As we all know communication plays a vital role and so does typography. Optimizing typography optimizes user interface. Good typography attract users as it makes reading effortless, while poor typography can irritate the user.


    There are certain things which you can pay attention to while optimizing typography.


    • Do not use too many fonts and try to use standard fonts.

    • Have the right amount of characters in each line.

    • Choose a typeface that works well in multiple sizes.

    • Use fonts with distinguishable letters avoiding the confusion of similar letterforms.

    • Avoid capitalizing and bolding the full paragraphs.

    • Have sufficient colour contrast and space between paragraphs and lines.


    CSS Animations


    CSS animation lets an element gradually change from one style configuration to another. It consists of two components, a style describing the CSS animation and a set of keyframes that indicates the start and end state of animation’s style as well as possible intermediate waypoints. This is widely used web design topics.


    Impressive Colours


    There has been an immense increase in the application of vibrant and bold colours. In recent years we can see the use of bold colours again. This is to make your palette visually interesting. Designers get a chance to deliver exceptional customer experiences with the help of interesting and impressive ways of applying colours as colour is one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s toolkit.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI)



    Artificial Design Intelligence is an emerging technology. It has taken up all the arrays of web sphere and is expanding at a high speed. This technology will soon be advanced enough to automate a lot of web design work and a lot of big and small companies will be seen adopting this technology.

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