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  • List of Best 5 Link Building Strategies for Marketers

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    Link building is one of the most vital aspects of any SEO strategy. However, unlike some of the other methods used for SEO purposes, building backlinks is a rather complicated process and therefore deserves in-depth discussion. If you have been trying to develop links for your business for quite some time now, you must know that building links cannot happen overnight and it is a rather slow and steady process. The pages in which you build the links are an important factor when it comes to ensuring the success of your SEO campaign. The authority and quality of these pages can determine your eventual ranking in the SERPs. While blogging is one of the most effective ways to build links, there are also a number of other ways to create powerful backlinks. Here are some of the ways in which you can build backlinks for your website. 


    Guest Blogging 

    Guest blogging has been a powerful way of generating links from the very beginning and it is for this reason that most businesses and marketers use it in some form or the other. It has been found that businesses that regularly post blogs are capable of generating around 55% more online visitors and 97% more high quality inbound links than those who don’t. However, it is important to use blogging in the right manner so that you can generate the maximum number of links from them. One of the best ways to implement blogging strategically is by having a clear goal or a set of goals from the early stages. This can definitely get you more traffic for your blog which in turn can help you to gain authority within the sector that you belong. In order to have more links you must look for blogs which accept guest posts while at the same time have owner and visitors share the content on various types of social media networks. By having your guest posts published on well known platforms, you can make sure that your posts will be read by relevant people who can link to them.  


    Creating Infographics 

    Infographics offer interesting avenues to spread information and they can also help you a lot when you are looking to reap rich benefits from your custom link building strategy. Over the last few years, the demand for infographics has steadily increased by more than 800%. A major reason for this is that infographics offer their information by a pictorial way and scientists have already proven the fact that the human brain is capable of processing visual information much faster than standard plain text. By making strategic use of infographics, you can have organic traffic for your website and blog which in turn can help you to have high quality links rather easily. It has been found that good quality infographics are capable of generating 37.5% more reliable backlinks compared to traditional blog posts. Therefore you should definitely include infographics in your SEO strategy as a link building strategy. 


    Competitor Backlink Analysis

    Competitor Backlink Analysis is a process that allows you to review the various websites that belong to your niche industry and therefore have a similar audience as yours. It helps you to assess the performance of competitor websites, the number and nature of backlinks they have as well as their extent of online authority. By carrying out competitor backlink analysis, you can come up with a proper digital strategy that can deliver you the ideal results you are looking for. 


    When you analyze the websites of your competitors, you can find out how good your competitors are performing and the factors that have led to their success. You can also come up with effective measures to compete with the other companies in your industry. This will help you to come up with more number of backlinks for your business and have an edge over your competitors. Evaluating the factors that led to the success of your competitors is also going to help you come up with better quality links for enhancing your online position. Moreover, you can also implement the same kind of strategy as your competitor to further develop backlinks that can be good for you. By adapting the same methods and strategies to build backlinks as your competitor, you can make the most of guest blogging scopes offered by the same websites. Look here for a complete backlink analysis guide that will help you to understand your competitor’s methods of generating backlinks.   


    Develop active presence on social media

    According to a recent study by AdWeek, most of the businesses and companies are focusing majorly towards social media because social media is the place where engagement and interaction is made with the new prospects and existing clients. Ever since the social media networks came to the scene, they have completely transformed the way marketing is carried out. By focusing on developing a strong online presence, you can boost the results of your guest blog posting and link building goals. It is important that you share new images, videos, blog posts and updates on social media regularly so that your brand has a strong fan following.


    When you make powerful use of social media, you can benefit from better engagement with your customers and also develop lasting relationships with new prospective customers. Social media can significantly enhance your chances of getting discovered by your audience as they can take an active interest in what your brand has to offer. Even if you are the owner of a startup business, you can still enhance customer engagement for your brand when you choose to develop an ongoing social media presence. This can help you to build better links and also increase your online visibility. 


    Use only the best resource links from reputed and trusted sites

    You should only make use of top quality resource links from reputed and trusted sites. The resource works as a guide which can be used by your target audience when they are looking for something. This can effectively drive traffic for your website and help you to come up with quality links.


    Following the above strategies can help you to come up with reliable and top quality links that can make it easier for you to boost your online traffic and generate the desired response.    


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