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  • Liferay 6.2/7 plugin project settings

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    Hello programmers,

    First of all download the liferay bundle and plugin from here. Keep them in a directory say 'liferay7' in your home. I used Liferay 7 and MySQL 5.6. Liferay 7 uses MySQL 5.6+. 

    You may find some issues while setting up the server and plugins into eclipse IDE. First of all create a file build.<user-name>.properties in your skd.home directory, in root plugin folder, you can create a copy of Set the correct absolute/relative path to app.server.parent.dir. For example - 


    1) Permission issue - 

    Give permissions to the folders so that IDE could load and deploy the WARs.

    sudo chmod -R 0777 home/<user-name>/liferay

    For example -

    sudo chmod -R 0777 home/dinesh/liferay7/

    2) Ivy jar issue - 

    Liferay doesn't come with Ivy jar in its plugins, it loads at the time of creating plugin project first time. By default it loads Ivy from${ivy.version}/org.apache.ivy-${ivy.version}.jar where ivy.version is set for  2.4.0.LIFERAY-PATCHED-1-SNAPSHOT, which works fine. But if it doesn't work you can toggle the version and the URL in your new property file build.<user-name>.properties file. Uncomment the version 2.4.0 and comment the 2.4.0.LIFERAY-PATCHED-1-SNAPSHOT and the same way uncomment the URL${ivy.version}/ivy-${ivy.version}.jar and comment the previously uncommented. For example - 


    3) Stuck while creating new plugin project - 

    Yeah, it stuck here. It takes time while resolving the Ivy settings. In my case it took around 3 hours. Please have patient here, everything would be okay.

    4) Ivy dependencies in ivy.xml in newly created plugin project - 

    I tried to fix the issue with the given public/private URL to load the dependencies, but unfortunately jars are not available on public URL, credentials are required on private URL which Liferay doesn't provided in properties files (I'm not sure if it provides somewhere). I found local maven from where it loads so I downloaded the required jars from maven repositories and added them into local maven repository. Follow this to add external dependencies.

    Now all done !

    I would suggest to restart you eclipse IDE before deploying your plugin project.


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