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  • Know What Your Users Want With Web Analytics Tools

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    What’s the best way to know how your product performs once in the hand of a user? Simple, ask the user! But you can’t possibly invite every other user who has been on your website for a cup of coffee and ask them what they really think about the product, right? So what’s the alternative? Web analytics. Web analytics softwares are the one that tells you what your users want by collecting, storing, analyzing,  and reporting at the end that how a user interacts with your website. Web analytics software would help you understand your customer’s behaviour by :

    • tracking what products or website section they were really interested in, 
    • Tracking what websites are delivering you enough traffic, and
    • Where do your users go after leaving your website?


    These simple user behaviour, with many others, can be used to tailor your website or your product according to their needs.


    5 benefits of using web analytics tools (WAT)


    1. Identify Target market

    WATs and web analytics companies help you discover the geographical regions from where you receive your traffic. With geographical information at your service, you can choose to tailor your products as per the geographical needs of your customers. So, say, if you are shoe-seller, and your major traffic is coming from a region which receives heavy rainfall, making it difficult for a normal shoe to perform well. You know what to do then, right?


    2. Know what your content scores

    This one is important for individuals running blogs, or corporates running media houses. Be it text, images, or videos, on your website. The amount of time a person spends on a particular article, or news, or even a video could be easily traced with web analytic tools. So you can write (or create) what sells. 


    3. Reduce Bounce rates

    When a user visits on your website and leaves without performing any action, that is termed as bounce rate. But with WATs, you can simply break down your bounce rate on multiple parameters like time of day, browser used, source of their visit, etc.


    4. Understand Your traffic Source

    If you write about “Machine learning”, as an example, and majority of your traffic seems to be coming from a domain named as “Python Tutorials”, or “Big Data Analytics”, then you what kind of websites you could contact. Or how you could curate your website to suit every need of your users. Knowing the source of your traffic can help you what makes them tick.


    5. Champion Your SEO

    Web Analytics companies like MOZ and SEMrush help you in not only knowing the keywords you rank for, but also your domains that backlink to yours, and various other kinds of details too. This kind of information could come in handy while doing SEO for your website.


    Whether you choose to opt one from the above mentioned best web analytics software for DIY purpose, or seek help from an analytics company, you have to bear in mind that what you do choose to do with that data is still your choice. And there's no need to bother about the ethics of web analytics services, because if used well and within legal limits, it only helps to give an enriched experience to your users.

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