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  • Incorporate Progress Bar in Unity3D

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    How to make a progress bar in Unity3D Game

    Calling LoadLevelAsync like TheDarkVoid suggested will start the loading process. You could put it in a coroutine so other parts of the game can keep running. It returns an AsyncOperation.


    var small:GUISkin;
    private var loadingArea:Rect;
    private var barDisplay : float = 0;
    private var pos:Rect;
    private var size : Vector2;
    var emptyProgressBar : Texture2D;
    var fullProgressBar : Texture2D;
    var progress : Texture2D;
    var simpleskin:GUISkin;
    function Start()
    loadingArea = Rect(0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height);
    skin = small;
    txtPos = Rect(380,180,273,81);
    pos = Rect((Screen.width/2)-200,270,520,65);
    size = Vector2(400,75);
    public IEnumerator LoadALevel(string levelName) 
    async = Application.LoadLevelAsync(levelName);
    yield return async;
    void OnGUI() 
    if (async != null) 
    barDisplay = float.Parse(async.progress.ToString());
    GUI.BeginGroup (loadingArea); = skin;
    GUI.BeginGroup (pos); = simpleskin;
    GUI.Box (new Rect (0,0, size.x, size.y),emptyProgressBar);
    GUI.BeginGroup (new Rect (0, 0, size.x * barDisplay, size.y));
    GUI.Box (new Rect (0,0, size.x, size.y),fullProgressBar);
    GUI.EndGroup ();
    GUI.EndGroup ();

    The above example will help you create a progress bar that will show progress of loading the desired scene.

    Happy Coding......

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