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  • Importance of App Store Optimization in Digital Marketing

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    As we speak, there are more than two million apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App store collectively, not even considering Amazon and other app stores. Every day, thousands of mobile developers are launching ideas and creating apps that just exponentially increase this number.


    It’s clear that without a decisive and well thought-out strategy, all your new apps would do for you is show you can create an app, and then join the ranks of the other millions which are hardly ever seen.



    It’s a jungle out there

    While it remains true that for your app to succeed you must first have a great and relevant app, it’s also true that you can have that great app, and it would remain obscure until someone relevant saw it. Of what good, for instance, is the greatest painting on earth if it never left the artist’s studio?


    That’s exactly what app store optimization is about, and why Mobile Action takes app store optimization so seriously. Hundreds of thousands of developers today have reaped little for their effort, earning less than $500 for each of their apps monthly, considered to be the app poverty line. No doubt they have great apps, but they are not being noticed amid all the other great apps, and some not so great ones, but with terrific marketing.


    You need not be one of them any longer; read on to find out how to optimize your current and future apps yourself, to gain the highest ROI for all your hard work.

    The ASO Guide from Mobile Action


    The ASO Guide is a free e-book from Mobile Action (MA) which has all the resources required to take advantage of the MA online dashboard, which solves all your mobile user acquisition challenges.


    The following are some lessons you can learn through the ASO guide:


    Keyword performance tracking – Identifying the right keywords is about understanding user behavior and determining how they are most likely to search for your app. You can also track competitors to enable higher downloads and use on-page and off-page keyword optimization to enhance discoverability and increase the number of downloads.

    Competitor insights – From your competitor’s download stats and metrics to keyword choices, know what your competitors are doing and leverage it to come up with a better strategy to give you an edge over them.

    Review and ratings analysis – This is part of off-page optimization, and it’s about learning what users are saying about your app and what they need from apps like yours. You can then employ this knowledge to improve your app, and hence attract more users.

    Optimization and localization – from off-page to on-page techniques, discover how you can employ keywords, images, icons, app names, developer names, screenshots and other elements to give your audience and app search engines all they need to find you every time.

    You may also visit the Mobile Action regularly to stay informed about emerging app strategies, trends and market information which you can leverage to improve your ASO and stay ahead of the curve.

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