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  • How to make a Seamless pattern in illustrator

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    Creating Seamless Pattern


    Step 1: Open up your document

    • Firstly We need to open a new document with size 300px * 300px.
    • We need to create a rectangle on art board with size as same as artboard size.


    Step 2: Make and place the elements

    • Now we'll need to create a bunch of elements on a rectangle. Make sure the elements which we draw on a rectangle in different sizes.
    • By using transforming tool to move or scale your elements.

    Image source:


    Step 3: Create the pattern Swatch 

    • Now we want to create a pattern with a transparent background. go to the direct selection tool and select all object which we have created earlier.
    • After selected the elements to go to the objects tab < pattern < make and click on it. The pattern is automatically saved in pattern swatch.
    • Now you can delete the created pattern on artboard and make a new rectangle and click your pattern swatch.


    You've Created your Repeat Seamless pattern.

    How to make a Seamless pattern in illustrator

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