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  • How to create a swing image using css3 animation?

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     In this blog, we will create an image that will swing like a pendulum continuously using css3 keyframes animation. This type of image can be used in signups and discounts, that will draw more attention of users. In this example, I have used keyframes animation and transform property of css3.

    Here are the HTML and CSS code to achieve swing image .

    <!doctype html>
        @-webkit-keyframes swinging{
        0%{-webkit-transform: rotate(10deg);}
        50%{-webkit-transform: rotate(-5deg)}
        100%{-webkit-transform: rotate(10deg);}
        @keyframes swinging{
        0%{transform: rotate(10deg);}
        50%{transform: rotate(-5deg)}
        100%{transform: rotate(10deg);}
        position: relative;
        left: 50px;
        margin-top: 30px;
        -webkit-transform-origin: 35% 0;
        transform-origin: 35% 0;
        -webkit-animation: swinging 3.5s ease-in-out forwards infinite;
        animation: swinging 3.5s ease-in-out forwards infinite;
    <img class="discountimage" border="0" src="discount-img.png" width="200" height="368">


    Note: This blog will run successfully on all the latest version of different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE etc.

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