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  • How to Use Mobile App ASO and SEO for Your App Promotion

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    Creation and making a mobile app viral is made easy with the help of the raising usage of internet and other online promotion techniques.


    You develop one app with the help of any reputed mobile app development companies and make a check is it working or not? If, it is working in all devices, then you feel proud of designing that particular app. The work for your app just not ends when it is developed and made it available for download on the Google Play or App store.


    However, it is a very necessary step to rank the app to the top to make an app famous and popular in mobile app users. Today, when promoting your app, you are competing with millions of Android and iOS apps in app stores that are increasing day by day. This million figure is very big and of course, in the competitive mobile app development space, it is not easy to rank your app to the top without any smart and efficient techniques, but don’t worry, there are some effective techniques to rank your app to the top by App Store Optimization( ASO) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).


    Why combine Mobile App ASO and SEO?

    Mobile ASO is all about optimizing your app for the app store, while SEO applies to the website for improving site visibility by optimizing the keywords inserted in the site name and description.  We can undoubtedly say that the ASO and SEO are two unique sides of the same coin. Furthermore, to achieve their ultimate performance, they should be utilized together.


    Statistics say that Google is still one of the most source of app discoverability. Google’s mobile-friendly update didn’t just bring a boost in rankings for website labeled as mobile-friendly. With this update, applications will also begin to show up as organic links on search engine result pages, being upgraded in the rankings if they are relevant to the user’s query, regardless of whether the user has installed them on their device.


    App marketing and web marketing are starting to merge, especially with the adoption of universal links that works on the web, with apps, and to a particular functionality inside those applications.  As of now, today and progressively in the near future, app indexing is making app store optimization more like search engine optimization. App discovery via search and app streaming are simply fanning that fire.


    Accordingly, mobile app ASO and SEO should be two similarly important parts of your app promotion strategy.


    SEO is the foundation of mobile apps ASO

    SEO is the foundation of mobile apps ASO, that is why many mobile app development firms are focusing hard on SEO. Acording to the recent studies, there are 30% of users who discover apps while browsing search engines with their mobile devices. That makes almost one third of applications that are discovered outside the app store! Organic search optimization is still the foundation of your online presence, and it should be a basic part of your mobile app ASO. If any app is ranking high on the app stores, then the same app may also rank high on similar searches on web, this is because of the similarities between the ASO and SEO optimization techniques and the ranking factors.


    Ranking factors for SEO are similar to ASO:

    • On-page factors: URL/Package, App name/ Title, description. The description on the iOS apps do not impact ASO, but it will show effect on SEO.
    • Off-page Factors: The various Off-page factors include install volume and velocity, user reviews and ratings, backlinkes from the authority websites.


    Some of the SEO techniques that can directly benefit your app ranking are:

    • *The foundation of your SEO strategy is keyword research. Keywords targeting is one of the standout amongst the most unpredictable and sensitive parts of your SEO


    Whenever, the user search a keyword on a app, both the Google and Apple’s search algorithm will scan the app name for the given keyword input. Choose keywords carefully because they are the main pillars of your online presence.


    • *The optimization of your app name, title, and the URL for your targeting keywords.
    • *Indexation of your app on Google
    • *Link Building techniques
    • *Generating app rating and reviews


    Your website also helps you position yourself as a reliable and an authorized source of information. Starting a blog and making exceedingly intuitive and engaging content boosts app visibility and awareness.  In particular, creating a domain authority drives more traffic and increase downloads. 


    Improving Your In-App Store Techniques:


    App title:

    It is very important that the app name has the keywords that describe your app type. Keep your app name short and easy to remember.


    App Description:

    In this field, you have the opportunity to present a number of App’s features, as well as any awards that your app has won and other references worth mentioning. Write your Meta description in simple language, list your exceptional advantages, and motivate people to download your app. Ensure that you add your significant keywords to it and refurbish it every time you update your product page.


    App ratings and reviews are the validation of your app’s quality. As such, they boost your brand’s credibility.


    Screenshots: The app developed on some particular topic, should have the screenshots related to that particular topic, for example, if the app is related to any of the electronic products, and then include some electronic products in the screenshots. It will bring your text to live and help your customers see the app before downloading it.


    Keep in mind that SEO enables you to focus on those people that are not browsing app stores. By focusing on the elements mentioned above, you can support your rankings in both search engines and app stores and drive quality traffic to your app.

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