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    Benefiting from LinkedIn Publisher gives you an additional advantage if you have perfect LinkedIn profile. It is great that you have excellent profile which will really help you to get more benefits out of it. So, first thing to focus before using LinkedIn publisher is to create a perfect LinkedIn Profile which is the backbone of your content marketing efforts over LinkedIn and will help users to reach more targeted audience.


    Now, let us concentrate on how LinkedIn publisher assist in expanding your business. Here is the answer:


    1. When you post your quality content using LinkedIn Publisher, then it makes your valuable content highly searchable by some specific keywords within the LinkedIn's post search box. Apart from search visibility, your content is also visible to your connections and followers.
    2. If your post gets enough views then, it will automatically be picked by LinkedIn Pulse and Newsreader which will give an additional boost to your post's views, sharing and commenting.
    3. LinkedIn publishing also assist your business through distributing your content to relevant/targeted audience which gives more exposure to every content you post.
    4. If your connections like or promote your content shared on LinkedIn publisher, then the chances of reaching your post to the network of your connections will increase and hence will definitely increase your new followers.


    Now, look at some of the tips to use LinkedIn publisher for your business growth:


    1. Define an excellent publishing post to share which include researched title, interactive images, valuable informative content, high traffic keywords and finally a good marketing strategy for that.
    2. Choose a quality post for publishing which will build your readership, so try to draft your content around influencers in your niche and share your post with them after publishing humongous reach.
    3. Always try to publish your post at a time which is more likely to serve your post to more and more targeted audience. Also manage an effective publishing frequency.
    4. Do share your post on LinkedIn and other influencer network on other social platforms like Faceboo, Twitter, Google+, etc.
    5. Do a proper engagement on your content publishing via managing the comments on post, for this you can reply back to users who are commenting or starting a discussion on that post.


    Hope all these tips are helpful. More valuable tips and tricks are also welcome in the comment section below. Stay tuned with me for more valuable content on Quora, LinkedIn & Twitter.


  • As a social media marketer, LinkedIn is the platform where you can showcase your skills, ability, connect and engage with other professionals. You can locate learning opportunities, help others within your network and could be found by those who are searching for people with your areas of skill and expertise.

    LinkedIn publisher is a tool that helps you grow your outreach and demonstrate your subject level skills.

    You can publish blog posts on your profile which will prove beneficial for you when your profile is under review by other members of the community. It could lead to new connections. A blog post is an great opportunity to keep the conversation going. Readers can comment on your post and share as well.Your post could be picked up by linkedin pulse. This will help you in reaching out to a much larger audience.

  • First of all you have to understand what LinkedIn publisher is:

    It is a publishing platform where you can post your articles and built readership.
    At first this platform is made available for 500 LinkedIn influencers. they were chosen by LinkedIn for initial rollout and recently they had oped-up the platform for around 227 millions members (

    So the reason to use this platform is clear that if LinkedIn influencers get inspired from your content or what you are sharing your post will definitely got viral in the network then and hence your business or what ever purposes for your Blogging and Internet Marketing business needs will meet.

    Just decide What to publish and the post your are going to publish should meet quality.

    Rest other points manoj.rawat had explain very well in his answer.

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