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  • Sounds great that you are planning to start your own Content Writing and Marketing business. It is an add-on that you have knowledge of content writing, SEO and SMM. I don't know how much skilled are you in all these three important parameters required for successfully running this business, that is why I am suggesting here essential things that you should keep in mind before moving forward.

    Content Writing Skills

    Before writing content you should focus on these 3 important points:

    1. Craft the content that inspire passion within your readers, bring to their mind such piece of information that encourage them to continue reading and take further action after that.
    2. Try to produce smart content for the users, for this always take a break, think well, plan a strategy and then execute it.
    3. Understand your business/client's needs and then proceed on your content.

    In short focus on 5 Steps to Make Content Writing Easy That Boost Lead Conversion

    Content Marketing, SEO, SMM

    1. Focus on content marketing strategy with blogging, SEO and design team.
    2. Acquire some trendy content marketing tools.
    3. Start creating some interactive audio and visual content too.
    4. Manage excellent resources of distributing content online and share on some high traffic SMM websites.
    5. Set a budget for paid campaigns Follow trendy Off-page SEO techniques for content sharing.

    Hope these are helpful pointers.

  • As I can see Manoj and Ankur have skillfully outlined almost all the major aspects concerned with content marketing business. Still I would like you to go through these insightful write-ups which I came across a few days ago, written by great entrepreneurs who know how to go about in this arena.

    You can find them here and here. I hope you find them useful. :)

  • Hi Manmohan

    If you are taking a step ahead to start your content writing and marketing business, you should be aware of all the challenges and other prospects of the business. No doubt content creation and marketing is creating a bubble in the market and every business is looking forward to internet marketing. If you provide great services, you will find lot of clients in queue. Before you start your business I would suggest you to keep these points in mind as they are very much relevant.

    Build Your Personal Brand

    To rise higher than your competitors you need to work on making your business a brand name. Create a website with great user experience to impress your target customers. Promote your website on all possible channels where your target customers are directed.

    Start with networking

    Research and store the contact details of all target customers and approach them for your services. Keep in touch with the customers and also upsell your services. Make a target to sell your services and approach more and more number of target customers.

    Be active on social media

    Do not miss to work on your social media profiles. Update the profile and keep adding the followers and members. Create content which goes viral on social media in order to boost your brand and users.

    Set a team

    If you have a great team, you will have a great result. Hire more interns or freelancers as this would help in low costing and more flexibility.

    Offer a range of services for every budget

    Every client has different requirement and budget. So create ranges of services with different services names like silver, gold, platinum, etc. This would help clients to choose their own service without wasting time.

    Create a proposal plan for clients

    Create a single proposal plan to present clients. Proposal plan will save time and efforts and also it will help client to take a better decision.

    Report to client regularly

    Regular reporting will help you to understand client better and also client will be more confident that you are moving on a right track.

    Request testimonial and feedback from Clients

    After you serve a client do not forget to ask testimonial and feedback. Testimonial will give you a better recognition and will help to attract more clients. Feed back will help you to work better on your weakness.

  • Dear Manmohan,

    First of all, I must congratulate you for taking a bold decision to start your own business. Ill outline some great strategies that can help you start your content marketing business with ease.

    Define your Niche

    Content is everywhere, almost every company is using content marketing to reach out to their clients and customers. Flip side to this is Fierce Competition. How to differentiate yourself from the competitors? Instead of trying to become a general agency, focus and pay attention to one single industry. Well, offer specialized content services in the field where you have immense expertise and experience. Instead of competing in already stiff market, many successful agencies offer content marketing services in their chosen fields.

    Wide range of services for every budget

    Specially when you are starting out, having an extensive range of services is important.Client may want to test the waters before digging down deep and investing in an expensive package. Some of the clients might want your company to take complete charge of their marketing, content strategy and development. Other clients might just require a small guidance with content strategy. It is advised that you create highly customizable DIY packages so that even the small businesses or individuals can also utilize your services without an enormous financial risk.

    Market your business with your own content

    If you want to establish yourself well, you need to promote your name and show people what you are doing. Regularly post content marketing content on your website, have an active social media presence, start with guest blogging and building your email list.

    Build case studies and testimonials

    Maintain a page or a document on your website dedicated to content marketing success. Include case studies with clients KPIs and long term strategic success. Also provide specific ROI calculations, accurate results and testimonials from the clients.

    Decide whether to Hire professionals or utilize freelancers

    Decide which suits you better. Some successful agencies utilize both. Keeping in mind that you have done content writing before and are familiar with SEO and SMM, you can write articles yourself. In your case, it is advised that you opt to utilize freelancers. This will help you save money as well as resources. Further, you can utilize your skills to fine tune the write-ups and articles as per your niche and requirement.

    I hope all these helps :) All the best.

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