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  • How IT Offshore Development Outsourcing in India Help Saving Cost for Companies by 80%?

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    Offshore IT outsourcing to various professionally managed full-service web design and development agencies in India functioning with an aim to helping businesses to scale new heights of success by offering excellent and effective outsourcing services using most advanced and evolving technology like iOS, Android, and web programming.


    How Outsourcing Help Save Cost – An Analytical Overview


    As per a recent survey, more than 70% of businesses are outsourcing today! Isn’t it a whopping percentage to rely upon? The reason is obvious – the huge wage difference in different countries. In India, you get much low-cost manpower with skilled expertise who are ready to work all 24 hours and equipped with all latest tools and systems to stay connected with you and your business. Hiring in India compared to western countries is nearly 100% cheaper. Hiring an IT resource in India will cost you $15-$25 / Hour whereas in the US you have to pay $200 for the same resource. The cost effectiveness is obvious. Due to the lower living cost in India, almost all Offshore Development India businesses can save hundreds of millions of dollars.


    This trust and level of excellence in Indian resource pool was not achieved overnight. It has been a long journey. A large pool of qualified and versatile Indian workers worked day to night with the support of government using innovative training techniques and acquired the skills to adapt to different accents. This has been the road-map that helped us becoming the most reliable destination country for outsourcing.


    Benefits that IT Consulting Brings to Table


    1. Hire developer on weekly/ bi-weekly/monthly payment basis and get your business rolling by keeping optimal control. 

    2. Strict time frame adherence is our motto as it is core to our cost effectiveness. 

    3. Stay connected all 27/4 hours with our developers, project managers who are available on Skype, eMail, IM and Phone.  

    4. Get assured response of email within 1 business day time.  

    5. All our engineers hold minimum 2- 5 years of industry experience. 

    6. Get quick turn-around time for your projects with excellent quality support. 

    7. Get the daily status report for your projects.

    8. Our engineers are well trained and have expert knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle Process.

    9. You own all the rights to the source code & IP. 

    10. We are 100% flexible, committed & dedicated to work. 

    11. Our every engineer has 10 Projects experience. 

    12. You can quickly and easily transit to a new engineer, if not happy with work.

    13. On hiring 2 engineers you get the supervision of a dedicated project manager also.




    I am sure this piece of information would have given ample insight into the real reason to outsource your projects without compromising quality. Multicore Technologies, will be featuring about how to building an online presence adding value to your business functioning in its next blog.

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