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  • 10 Awesome High-Tech Gadgets for Teachers

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    If you are a teacher looking for the best high-tech gadgets so to make your life easier, or if you are someone trying to get a special present for a geek teacher, here are ten of the most awesome high-tech gadget in offer nowadays.

    They will also be great resources in the classroom and make your students even more engaged during your classes  – who doesn’t want to enjoy knowledge when it comes in the form of a high-tech experience? All of these gadgets were tested by the staff of TrustMyPaper, and we recommend them for using.


    1 - Trust Wireless Presenter 16661


    The laser pointer has been taken to the next level. The trust wireless presenter 16661 is a compact wireless presenter with a storable USB receiver that doesn’t require that you install a driver to work – meaning that you can just plug it into any laptop or desktop to start it. Its directional pad and buttons make it work like a mouse, you will find it very easy to use. For US$ 53,29.


    2 - The Intelli-Scanner


    If you have a large collection of books, DVDs, or anything else that comes with a barcode (or that you are willing to label them with one), you can get everything organised much faster with a Intelli-Scanner. It comes with an AutoFill technology that automatically identify your items, so that you can organise them by title, set due dates (in case you lend them), and even print detailed reports. It comes in two versions, Classic and Mini, and they offer special prices for teachers through their website. For US$ 99,00.


    3 - Interactive Touchjet Pond Projector


    If you have a bit more of cash, or if you think you can get financial support from your school, you should definitely have a look at the Interactive Touchjet Pond Projector. This interactive Android PC has the power to transform any surface into an 80” touchscreen. You can use it onto a wall or a table and control it with a stylus. Your projection can either come from a PC, a Mac, or a smartphone. For US$ 599.


    4 - Easy-Speak PRO USB Recorder


    Microphones have got much better, and you can use them as a fun resource during your classes. With Easy-Speak Pro USB Recorder, you will have access to a wireless microphone able to record, replay, and download up to 4 hours of audio. You can also upload the audio files on your PC or Mac and share them. It allows you to edit the recordings, can be attached to clothing and used with speakers for extra amplification. For US$ 55,59.


    5 - IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera


    This is all that you need for video conferences, distance learning, or just to present materials in a better way. The Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera is a small and light gadget able to provide real-time video capture for documents, pictures, and three-dimensional objects. The gadget projects a clear and sharp video and is compatible with several instant messages applications. It comes with three positions of articulation and an ergonomic grip, so you can manipulate it and show the best angles. For US$ 69,00. Distance learning is not always easy and people can make mistakes in their work due to the stress that builds up if a person spends a lot of time at home, in which case you can ask "rewrite my essay by essayservice" and the guys from this company will always give quality help


    6 - Catchbox


    If you want to make things more fun and give an extra incentive so your students will interact in class more often, you should try getting a Catchbox. This throwable microphone comes in the shape of a dice and can have customised colours and logo so you can make it even more interesting. Catchbox is sold in two versions: the Lite the cheaper wireless system with shorter range for US$ 599, and the Pro model for US$ 499, which allows you to connect your beltpack transmitters to it.


    7 - Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen


    You don't need a pen tablet to sketch your ideas digitally anymore. With Wacom Inklink Digital Sketch Pen, you can do it on any piece of paper or sketchbook and see it being automatically captured in raster for use in Photoshop or in vector for Illustrator – or you can save them from its own app as a JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG, or PDF file. You will also be able to add layers while still working on paper or do it (plus, deleting and modifying them) after the sketch is transferred to a computer. For US$ 209.99.


    8 - Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard


    Send your markers to retirement and ask your school for a Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard. This gadget works connected to a computer and a data projector so to become an interactive and multimedia projection screen. It will allow you to write and draw over projected images, annotate in colour, highlight, cut and paste images. More than that, you will be able to open files, run video clips, or download free content from the Internet in front of the class in no time. From US$ 399,00.


    9 – AMScope MD35 Microscope Camera


    There are several microscope cameras available in the market, but this model will catch your attention for its high quality. This USB digital camera offers 640x480 effective pixel resolution and can add real-time video capability to any microscope with standard 23mm, 30mm or 30.5 mm photo port. Its software also allows you to do a few tricks due to its advanced features, such as stitching, Extended Depth of Focus, and measurement. For US$ 40,50.


    10 – Brother High Speed Label Printer


    If you frequently need to print labels for packages, envelopes, file folders, discs, banners, or else, you will love the Brother High Speed Label Printer. Its QL-710W model is a wireless and ultra-fast (printing up to 93 labels per minute) option. It also comes with its own software, so that you can print labels on the go. US$ 100,99.


    The Takeaway


    As you can see, there are plenty of options ready for any pocket. So, choose your favourites and amaze your students showing off that you are up-to-date with the latest trends in gadgets for teachers.


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