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  • How Graphic/Web Design and SEO Go Hand In Hand

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    Have you ever thought about the role of design in search engine optimization of your site? If you are like the million other website owners out there, it is likely; you have not given much thought to it. We have seen hundreds of website owners come in with breathtakingly beautiful sites that rake in no profit. In the worst cases, website and graphic designers may have to start over. However, in most cases, the situation is salvageable.















    Here are six secrets of SEO every graphic designer must know


    Pretty isn’t enough


    Who does not want their site to look like a piece of art? Nonetheless, pretty does not count when it comes to SEO. Your website should have a great navigation system. From mega menus to help texts, you need to take into account everything that is feasible to give ultimate access to your visitors. Beautiful design is necessary to entice users, but itis not enough. Stick with a basic design, if that gives you the necessary results.


    Redesigning isn’t mandatory


    Revamping a website is an excellent idea, but it also involves much moolah. Sometimes, you do not need much of a core code rearrangement at all. Just altering the placement of a few options is enough to increase accessibility. It is tough to understand exactly what needs retouching and what needs a complete remodel. That is where you need to ask the big fish. Ask your local SEO agency to lend a hand if you want an SEO friendly, aesthetically pleasing website. 


    Always keep aside funds for site maintenance


    Prevention is better than cure. Invest in responsive website designs, good security options, and a remote Oshawa seo to keep your site shipshape. Since graphic design is usually a one-time only expense, most people do not think about investing in retouching. Well, if you are using WordPress, Joomla! Alternatively, BigCommerce, you are a few of the lucky ones. The website updates and security patches roll in, and your site automatically updates too. The question is, are your graphic designs as compatible as well? That is where you need to think about maintaining a website’s graphic design budget even after it is complete and functional.


    You do not need to be a millionaire to design a website


    Well, we have seen million dollar websites, and we have seen very basic $99 sites bring in a million dollars. You can spend millions if you want, but to get the right ingredients you will not need more than a couple of hundreds spread out across several months. There are far too many designers,who charge clients unethically preying on their ignorance. Well, do not be one of them. If you are a customer, know that you have the option of spending just a few dollars to get your website up, running and SEO friendly.


    Designing and branding are discrete skills


    Most designers do not have enough branding skills. They may have superb aesthetics and the ability to create a masterpiece, but their branding skills are rather dubious. If you are a designer, you need to understand your client’s business and brand values to create a color scheme that coordinates with the message they are trying to send. In case, you have severe doubts about your branding skills; you can work with a branding expert for this particular project. It is always better to ask than to assume, especially when your reputation is hanging on the line.


    Psychology based design


    Certain colors create a sense of reliance and complianceamong shoppers. Green and orange, the two most common colors used in the food industry convey a happy and healthy feeling among the shoppers. A graphic designer needs to know the psychological impact of every color and tones. People associate distinct emotions with certain colors. That is why certain mother companies never change their color codes. They have fixed RGB codes they work with like McDonald's, IBM, Facebook, and Google. The psychology behind colors distinguishes a good designer from a great one. You can take online help to find out which colors you must use to entice a particular audience.


    Build a website that not only captures interest but also entices crawlers into crawling all pages and all links. Before launching your site, always check for broken links. If you are thinking of redesigning an old working site, run a similar check for 404s and 301s. Focus on keeping your site healthy and looking ideal for significant organic traffic from the leading search engines. 

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