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  • Functional Testing

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    Functional Testing:

    Functional testing is mainly used to verify that a S/W application validate and functions perfectly corresponding to design specifications.Functional testing is used to check the application functions menu functions, text input, and setup on localized machines and installation etc.

    Functional Testing Scenarios:

    • For mandatory fields validation message should be given properly.
    • Asterisk sign should be given for all the mandatory fields.
    • Validation message should be displayed only for required field not for optional fields.
    • Test that calculation work properly(eg.leap years, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication are do not cause miscalculations and validated correctly.
    • Test that alphanumeric should be accept alphanumeric values and special characters should be accepting special characters values.
    • Test for negative(-) numbers in numeric fields.
    • Division by zero should be working properly for calculations.
    • Validation message should be working fine for max length of text field to ensure the data is not truncated.
    • Pop up message should be displayed, if the data exceed the maximum size of the filed.
    • Confirmation message should be getting displayed for update and delete functions.
    • Timeout functionality and Sorting functionality should be working fine on required field.
    • Privacy Policy(eg.In Banks site) should be defined clearly for users.
    • User should be redirect to the custom error page when any functionality fails.
    • Documents should be uploaded, opened and downloaded properly.
    • Email functionality and validation should be working fine.
    • Java script should be working properly on different browsers/devices (IE, Firefox, Chrome, safari and Opera).
    • Check what happens if a user deletes cookies while in the site or after visiting a site.
    • Test all the data should be given in chronological order inside combo or list or drop down box.

    Conclusion: The aim of functonal Testing is functionality should be same as the given functional requirements or business document.

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