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  • Essential steps to prepare your site with Voice Search Optimisation strategies 2021

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    Voice search is a relatively new kid in the genre of search engines that have made the process of getting a query addressed quite convenient for the users. Here people have to place their request verbally instead of the traditional method of typing them in the search box. Almost 50% of the total search engine users are now banking on voice search to get their queries addressed swiftly. Voice search optimisation strategies are efficiently hacking all the keywords and phrases that are used for local searches and presenting answers that are primarily linked to the query.



    Want to know more about it? Keep reading.


    Let’s start with,


    What is Voice Search?


    Voice search or voice-enabled is a voice command that is placed to a search engine for fetching quick answers that are either displayed on a screen or are narrated back to the user. This command can be entered only if the device allows a voice input and work on it based on an open domain keyword.


    Voice search does not limit usage on the basis of language, and on the contrary, it improves search results quite efficiently. After registering the query in speech rather than on text, the mechanism of automatic speech recognition is activated, and the search result is presented based on keywords and context of the sentence.


    How to Optimise Your Website for Voice Search



    According to the latest voice search trends 2020, your website should fit in the context of the requirements that are preset by Google.


    1.      Use natural and conversational language – one of the most critical steps for optimising voice search in a website is using a natural and conversational style in the content. Since people are more inclined into mentioning their query accurately, it is obvious they would retain their conversational tone unlike typing a text. Further with the usage of long-tail keyword in your content expect to receive


    2.      Try integrating long-tail keywords - Another most essential factor is topical optimisation or stressing on long-tail keywords. In voice search, the question is more distinct rather than in typing text in the search bar. Make sure your content does not engage in unnecessary keyword stuffing; ensure that every usage of a keyword is done maintaining a proper gap. Know, a website can be discoverable in the search results only when the content in it is relevant and informative, inclusive of keywords


    3.      Provide concise answers to questions – One of the vital addition in the list of Voice search optimisation strategies entails addressing of queries in a precise and crisp manner. The content should have absolutely no fillers and answer to the question on point.


    4.      Form queries into question phrases - most of the queries that are entered by users start with questions like “how”, “why”, “what” etc. think about what users can probably speak and curate your website accordingly to appear at a higher rank in the SERP.


    5.      Ensure that your website for an interface in mobile is fast – Optimise your mobile interface for better voice search results. Maximum people resort to mobile phones for registering their queries in the search engine.


    Almost every content writing company in India are looking forward to adapting to this trend of conceiving voice search optimised content for their clients to make their brand visible among the top search results.


    To make your dream business stand out from the crowd and be at the pinnacle of your field, consider setting up your Google My Business profile. The most valuable information about your brand can be fetched out from this profile. Make your profile visible to your buyers and prospective customers by duly filling the details like business hours, name, address, and phone number.


    Voice search is an offshoot in the realm of digital marketing that has gained massive popularity among internet users. Prepare your website and appear at a raised position in the SERP by conforming to the  Voice search optimisation strategies.

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