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  • Entering Values in Second table with help of Primary Key of First Table

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    Hello EveryOne.... Here is the scenario., In MySql database, I have two tables.. User and UserDetails... In 'User' table, i had generated userID made it as a primaryKey. For Example, 101->user1.... 102->User2 Now I need to Insert/update details of 'UserDetails' depending upon primary Key of 'User' table. for Example.. i need to update the values where UserID = 102. I'm sorry i am unable to explain scenario in most effective way.. But please any help would be appreciable. Please help me with such queries :)

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  • Hi

    As you mentioned your issue , you may be trying to do after Log in User, if not you can only achieve insert/update userDetails by following the steps :-

    1. After User Login
    2. Fetch User Id from user table :- I am writing the query "SELECT `userId` FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '$username' AND `password` = '$password'" .
    3. Keep UserId in Session Variable :- put session_start() at the top of page then $_SESSION["userid"] = user Id fetched from step 2
    4. In the Page where you would like to insert/update Logged In User Details in userDetails table.
    5. Now you have userId in Session variable i.e $_SESSION["userid"] , if you want to insert User Details in UserDetail table then simple insert query including saving $_SESSION["userid"] into userId field in UserDetails Table which will be called as Foreign Key
    6. for update just need to execute update query where userid is $_SESSION["userid"]

    If this is your Concept , then please let me know, if you need help with detailed query


  • I'm not sure if you are asking for this scenery: Insert a new user, and with the auto-increment id generated. insert the details of that user, which depends on the first table auto-generated id.

    If this is the situation, in the context of the same mysql connection, you can ask for it with the LAST_INSERT_ID() function. This works because it asks for the last inserted id within this current connection ( it doesn't matter if someone is inserting in the same table, as it will be using other connection to mysql ).

    The process will be ( in pseudo code ):

    $ins = $db->query('insert into mytable (user_id, name) values (NULL, 'username');

    $newUserId = $db->query('select LAST_INSERT_ID()' );

    $insertDetails = $db->query("insert into user_details (details_id, user_id, details) values (NULL, $newUserId, 'my details')");

    Hope this helps you.

    More info:

  • Hi, you just need to create foreign key 'userId' in your second table UserDetail and write the below query to update UserDetail table as below:

    update UserDetail set column_name = value where userId = 102;

    Hope this will help you..if not, then please elaborate your question.

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