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How to Attach File to the Project in Mobirise Builder

I started to use Mobirise builder not very long time ago. I needed to create the form, so users could attach files to it. I tried to add the code, which you can see below, to it. But I didn't have any success...

How to Summarise Leave Time Proportionally and Correctly in MySql

In mysql database i created "leave" table:   CREATE TABLE `leave` ( `ID_LEAVE` int(11) NOT NULL, `ID_WORKER` int(11) NOT NULL, `BEGIN_DATE` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `END_DATE` datetime DEFAULT NULL ) INSERT INTO `lea...

Enable sending mails on localhost

I am trying to send mails from localhost. I followed a tutorial and found online but still cant send the mail. please help!!!

How to Fetch Recent Activity as Newsfeed for Social App in MySQL PHP

I am working on a MySQL PHP social networking application and I want to Fetch Recent Activity as Newsfeed with respect to post activity timings.   Here is my site database, i am writing only few columns which are required to show. &...

How to find out slow queries in MySQL?

Hello everyone, Please help me regarding the use of slow queries in MySQL. I want to know how can I find out slow queries in MySQL and What is optimal query time to query a single table of 3 Million records on Indexed column?? Thank you

MySQL query to retrieve data of past two months

 I have a table with name and createDate, please tell me the query to retrieve the user data of past two months. Thanks in Advance

how to avoid duplicate data in php mysql ?

i have this database which contain table for questions and other for answers how can i display each questions with the answers that belong to this question my problem is when i try to display the questions i get duplicated rows or all the answe...

Mysql database browsers not working after upgrade

needed version 5.7 of mysql server for a project. I upgraded from version 5.5 to 5.7 using this tutorial. The upgrade was successful and I am able to use the updated version via command line. However, mysql browsers (mysql-workbench as sqlyog as ...

How to access the database with SQL PLUS?

Hello all, I am unable to access my SQL database as I forgot the login details. I have tried with some but getting error "ORA -12560: TNS : protocol adapter error." Kindly suggest me the way to retrieve the details. Is there any comm...

Insert Data into MySQL database from HTML SubForms

Hello EveryOne, I have 2 HTML Forms: 1. Register/Login 2. After User gets Login, He used to update details of him. I used MySql database in order to save Login details of User. And also i have another table for updating details of him aft...

Entering Values in Second table with help of Primary Key of First Table

Hello EveryOne.... Here is the scenario., In MySql database, I have two tables.. User and UserDetails... In 'User' table, i had generated userID made it as a primaryKey. For Example, 101->user1.... 102->User2 Now I need...

How to list table names using primary key of a table

Hello all, I have approx 100 number database tables in db from that I want to list all the tables which is using primary key of a table as a reference in MySQL InnoDB?
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