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  • ERROR: Cannot lock table [TABLE_NAME] because the table is locked by another process

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    When by mistake we stopped the IBM WAS Server when Match Job was running. It didn't allowed us to run again the Match Job, every time it was giving following error:

      [ERROR] com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject$TableObjectExecutionThread: Thread[Revalidate for TABLE_NAME, 5,main] com.siperian.common.SipRuntimeException: SIP-09069: Failed to execute java null
            Failed to execute java null
            at com.siperian.common.SipRuntimeException.createNotExternalized(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject$TableObjectExecutionThread.processException(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject$ Caused by: com.informatica.mdm.dba.deala.CmxLock$CmxLockLogicException: SIP-20880: ERROR: Cannot lock table [TABLE_NAME] because the table is locked by another process.
            at com.informatica.mdm.dba.deala.CmxLock.acquire_lock_tbl(
            at com.informatica.mdm.dba.deala.CmxLock.acquire_lock(
            at com.informatica.mdm.jobcontrol.JobControl.acquireLock(
            at com.informatica.mdm.jobcontrol.JobControl.registerJob(
            at com.informatica.mdm.batch.recalculate.BatchRecalculate.registerJob(
            at com.informatica.mdm.batch.recalculate.BatchRecalculate.acquireLockOrRegisterJob(
            at com.informatica.mdm.batch.recalculate.BatchRecalculate.execute(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject.executeJavaRevalidate(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject.executeReal(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject.access$200(
            at com.delos.cmx.server.datalayer.repository.object.ReposTableObject$

    In order to solve above error do following:

    1. Make sure no Batch Processing is running.
    2. Login the SQL Developer
    3. Open your Database
    4. Fire following command
    5. Truncate c_repos_applied_lock table.
    6. Commit
    7. Rerun the job.

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