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  • Convert object to xml

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    Answer it

    i want to make a program that will create automatically XML data structures. I will not know from the beginning which is the class, and which the attributes so i cant use JAXB.

    For example, if the input is:
    Employee, name,id
    Employeelist, company_name, ArrayList.


    Then the program must have the following output:

    <Employeelist >
    <company_name>ssss </company_name >
    <Employee >
    <name>ssss </name>
    <id> ss</id>
    </Employee >

    Can you help? Thank you very much

 4 Answer(s)

  • My problem is that i dont know the classes before the execution. The user will decide the classes and the attributes of them. He will type in the console the classes and the attributes and i need to split it and to separate it .

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