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  • Basic SVN Commands

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    What is SVN?

    1) Subversion(SVN)is a SCM(Software Configuration Management) Implementation.
    2) It allows to track changes in files and directories.
    3) It allows concurrent development in same files.
    4) It is centralized(one server).

    Basic SVN Commands-

    1)svn checkout/co - It is used to pull an svn tree from server.
    svn checkout/co URL PATH

    2)svn add - Add files, directories, or symbolic links.
    svn add PATH...

    3)svn delete - Delete an item from a working copy or the repository.
    svn delete PATH...

    4)svn status - Use svn status command to get the status of the file in the working copy. It displays whether the working copy is modified, or its been added/deleted, or file is not under revision control, etc.
    svn status [PATH...]

    5)svn update/up -If we have made local changes,it will try and merge any changes on the server with our changes on our machine.
    svn update [PATH...]

    6)svn commit/ci - Whenever we do changes to the working copy, it will not reflect in SVN server. To make the changes permanent, we need to do SVN commit.
    svn commit [PATH...]

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