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  • Are you up to date with the latest SEO updates? Here is what you should know

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    Today the trend is pointing towards maximum usage of internet.  SEO plays a significant role in the management of websites.  Earlier, whenever any information is required, people used to approach various libraries, but now they use internet's services.  The required keyword is entered, and the search engine displays some options or links which provide information related to the keyword. Sounds simple.  Isn't it!  Has anyone wondered how this mechanism works?


    SEO – An efficient management of search engine


    SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization.  It is the active management of search engine.  As search engine does the job of providing the list of links related to the keyword, it has to be managed efficiently to provide useful links. Search engines work on the algorithms or mathematical calculations to judge the website the user wants to view.  When any website gets more links than it is assumed to be important and search engines presume that the user intends to view that particular site.


    Based on this theory, a search engine ranks the site and places it on the top list of searches.  For instance, let us assume there are five websites namely "A, B, C, D and E” with contains information related to the same keyword or similar to it.  Out of these, Website 'C' gets more inbound links when compared to other sites.  So, the search engine automatically places the site ‘C' on top of the list which makes the website ‘C’ popular.  This improves the business of website ‘C.'  However, there are many illegal activities which take place to remain in the top list.  But this is controlled by the search engines.


    The process of SEO


    As we can get information on anything and everything on the internet, it is tough to manage the websites.  The job of SEO becomes difficult when there are some sites with good and bad contents.  SEO has to filter the links and then rank accordingly. Generally, when there are sites with low-quality content, they block the ranking of high-quality content websites.  So this kind of sites should block giving value to the quality content websites. All sites with unwanted contents or low-quality contents are to be placed in the last pages of search engines and websites with compelling and quality content to be put on the priority list.  A professional SEO service provider always will help in sorting out the problems.


    Let's look at some of the SEO updates every marketer should be aware of:


    Latest SEO updates


    When websites are browsed, one can observe that there is high-level competition.  So to keep updated with the most current information regarding SEO trends, one has to keep an eye on latest SEO updates.  As the competition is increasing day by day, the SEO techniques used are changing very rapidly.   The SEO strategies also have to be adjusted accordingly.  Keeping track of changes will always help in making necessary strategies.  This point proves vital when it comes to the marketing of your product. Chatmeter, a product marketing company also confirms that, one has to check SEO updates on a daily basis to be in the race.




    One of the leading search engines Google has played a significant role in creating special technologies which help by updating the latest information.  Some of the SEO updates created by Google are:


    1. Google Panda update: This update is supposed to be most powerful and filters many websites in comparatively less time.  It concentrates on web pages with has multiple keywords and tries to stop that practice.  It also restricts web pages with limited text or junk/ spam content. As it controls various contents with the same keyword, it indirectly encourages new content which is good.
    2. Google Humming Bird update: Normally, the humming bird, is specialized in focusing on anything.  As the internet is being used as a marketing strategy, one needs to concentrate on the marketing trends on a daily basis and act accordingly.  Google humming bird update helps in that particular task.  So whenever any keyword or any phrase is searched, then Google Hummingbird update gives the latest list of websites which satisfy or contains the whole keyword or phrase in its content.  It gives importance to those sites which contain the keyword or phrase (no individual keyword is given importance) that is searched and rank them accordingly.  This sort of update finds importance when the lengthy statement keywords are searched.
    3. Google Penguin update:  Website owners who do not follow the guidelines can be controlled through this update.  Those sites which use illegal and unfair practices to stay in the race, low-quality content are given a low ranking. Some links which are rated as spam, are removed from the list. According to this technique, content is the king here, and it is given the importance.  If the content is found of low quality or contains wrong information, the website link is either removed or severely punished. Not only in content, but wrong link building should also be avoided.
    4. Google Pigeon update: This update is created to concentrate on local results.  When your search is limited to a local area, the search engine has to provide you the list of website which gives local information. Information regarding other areas is good, but ranking should be according to the local area.  For instance, when someone asks for a product in area ‘A,' the search engine can provide information of all other areas, but it should give priority to area ‘A.'
    5. Google Pirate update:  This update is created to check the piracy being done about content.  The websites which have information copied from other sites are blacklisted.  Guidance from information from other websites can be used, but not copied as it is illegal.


    The more the malpractices, the more restrictions; the more restrictions, the more ways are found out to do malpractice.  Both the statements go hand in hand, but the websites have to provide quality content any wrong information may lose viewers.

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