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  • An Overview to METRO UI

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    Hello readers , Today in my blog I will discuss a new technology introduced by Microsoft i.e METRO UI .


    Introduction :-

    • It is basically known as a Design language that is created by Microsoft for enhancing the user interface .
    • It is called as Metro because it is modern and clean.
    • The reason behind its formation is to focus on the content of applications in which the emphasis is more on typography and less on the graphics.
    • It is fast and remains in motion.


    Let know the short history of the METRO UI -

    This design language was evolved in Window Media Center which was later introduced as “METRO” during the allegation of Window Phone 7 .

    The main emphasis of Microsoft Designers was to focus on clean typography and less on the UI of Chrome.


    Below is some Advantages and Disadvantages of METRO UI :-


    • It is fast and reliable .
    • It is stable .
    • It uses symbols .
    • It is clean and uses crisp symbols .
    • It is used in Windows phone and saves battery.



    • It uses dark UI and uses only 2 colors i.e black and white.
    • Its customization is insufficient.


    Now for creating a Metro UI style website , we can use a front-end framework which is used for developing projects on the web in Windows Metro Style.


    This framework is known as Metro UI CSS 3.0 .

    Below is the features of this framework as shown below -

    1. It is compatible with AngularJS and RequireJS .
    2. It uses new components .
    3. For the definition of components, it uses declarative approach.
    4. The framework used to monitor the components and pressure via ajax.
    5. We can create attractive pages without the knowledge of Javascript.



    Below is the code with links and classes that we need to add into our web page and start coding easily :-

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <link href="metro.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <script src="jquery.js"></script>
    <script src="metro.js"></script>


    Conclusion :-


    Hence , METRO UI is now used widely due to its various features and we can easily use the front-end framework METRO UI CSS 3.0 to create the web pages.

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