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  • 7 Reasons Why Business Enterprises Can't Avoid Internet Marketing

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    Whether you are an entrepreneur, job seeker or a sales and marketing executive you can't avoid the growing industry of digital marketing which is able to allow a startup to become a brand and is creating jobs.


    1.The spend on digital marketing is on the rise


    From 2010 the spend on online marketing has increased 20%. It is seen that digital ad spend has increased swiftly as compared to media ad spend. A report says within next decade it might obsolete media ad spend. Thus creating a need to do certification in digital marketing courses.


    2. Allows you to tap untouched market


    With the use of the internet, a handicraft selling shopkeeper need not stick to a particular geography or need not to maintain lots of warehouses in different cities as they can reach to their customers around the globe from one place through virtual presence. It is not only widening the market but also saving a lot of investment and time.


    3. Allows you to understand how to market on google with your website or app


    You have a website which provides service to a particular.But what is the use of it if it is available on google’s search page 40. The user doesn't go to page 40 in search of you. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to provide results to the user in top 3 results. To make a place for yourself, and to be in business you need to learn basic of SEO to beat your competitors.




    4.Helps in optimizing the impact of your online shop


    You will get to learn how many people have visited your website, how much budget you have spent on advertising and what are its outcomes, how you can handle queries and generate leads. Thus, provides you a complete guide on how to manage your sales online.


    5.Helps in handling how to sell online on marketplaces


    The knowledge of digital marketing in the e-commerce industry helps you in learning how to manage your orders in marketplaces, about Amazon SEO, prerequisites of selling online etc.


    6. Understanding google algorithm, facebook and Amazon algorithm:


    Making use of effective posts to engage a lot of customers on facebook, using right keywords to match the search query of a user in google and Amazon comes under the understanding of the respective algorithms.It is important for a marketer to understand it so to make sure these platforms will be proven as a boon to you.



    7. Setting up marketing goals:


    It is important to know what is your target and how you are going to achieve it. A plan of action and monitoring it in a right way by optimizing resources needs a learning experience from industry experts.


    To have a better understanding of different aspects of digital marketing you can get started with the various available online courses available on digital marketing or you can join numerous diploma courses in online marketing to master in the art.

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