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  • 5 Tips on How to Write SEO Worthy Content Writing for 2019

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    Did you know?


    About 57% of B2B marketers believe that their businesses received more boost and leads due to SEO techniques which they integrated into their content?


    Undeniably, despite the millions of tweaks and massive changes in digital marketing trends, SEO is something that never did or will go out of business. Adhering to SEO requirements is as mandatory as is writing quality content.


    However, digital marketing is reluctant to become mundane. Hence, there are frequent updates every couple of month. SEO worthy content writing also needs to be updated accordingly.


    Going by the increasing demand for e-commerce, gaining visibility is steadily going to become the sole method of increasing conversion rates. Without the presence of the targeted audience, what good will your business be?


    As for the latest trends in SEO content writing, there are no such rigid rules because, with the ever-evolving SEO techniques, rules too change. The trick is to keep yourself updated according to these modifications.


    For now, here are some tricks that every writing company has up their sleeves for 2019.


    Tricks and tips for an SEO worthy content writing in 2019



    The last few years witnessed some significant changes in the content writing market. For this year, some trends will remain evergreen, while some will be subjected to substantial alterations.


    Considering that all businesses irrespective of their genre will steadily shift to the e-commerce platform, gaining a steady client group is exceptionally crucial. With an appropriately optimized content, reaching out to the audience will become far more accessible.


    Here are some pointers to make sure that your content rises in SERP ranking and gains immediately visibility. Enjoy the read and implement these to witness some dramatic changes!


    TIP 1: Concentrate on the keywords


    The entire point of keyword selection is to draw in the maximum relevant client. In that case, choosing keywords is one of the most crucial decisions to make. This requires thorough research work in this field. The keywords found relevant to the topic need to be chosen, and it is also essential to study your competitor’s article / blog writing services to fathom out the requirements of the market.


    TIP 2: Remember to improvise the site design for readers


    Writing content with readability in mind is perhaps the smartest strategy for SEO worthy content writing. This is mainly because, with more natural content pattern and structure, readers would find it easy to read through.  


    Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind –

    •  Bullet points
    •  Bold important points
    • Catchy title tag


    Along with this, adding keywords in the meta title and meta description would help in increasing the ranking of an article. This would ultimately have a positive impact on the brand. 


    TIP 3: Prepare your content for all media platforms


    The role that social media sites are playing this year is crucial. For an article to reach out to the maximum clients, it is of utmost importance that it is made ideal for all kinds of media platforms. Hence, almost every leading professional content writing agency is providing its clients with these features.


    TIP 5: Know what ‘topic cluster’ is and implement it in your writing style


    For 2019, the best SEO article writing companies across the globe are concentrating heavily on implementing ‘topic clusters’. ‘Topic clusters’ are mostly a group of interlinked website pages. All links are built around a central topic, and this subject is used as a base for linking up to the pages.


    Using this, you can choose which article/blog you want to rank. This would boost the search engine ranking of that particular content.


    Along with these, SEO worthy content writing would also require an informative, interactive, and original approach to target the readers and not the web crawlers!


    With these tips, raising SERP ranking would not at all be a challenging goal.


    So, what are you waiting for? Implement and bask in its glory!

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