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Two dimensional array in c#

Two dimensional array is a form of matrix in which users can have rows and columns as per need. We can think of table in which x no.of rows and y no.of columns are available. Syntax:  int item = a[i,j] This is a two dimension...

How to export datatable to excel in

To export datatable in excel, First create an excel file at any location on my computer. In my example, I have created a blank excel file in D drive named as "DataTableToExcel.xls". First, we will add some data in datatable, Either w...

How to keep scroll position in

In, there are different ways to retain scroll position on postback. After Postback vertical scrollbar leave its position and access the same position on the page so to resolve this problem gives a property: “MaintainScrollPo...

Convert byte array to string

In this blog we see how to convert byte array to string using following methods: 1. Convert byte array to string using Convert.ToBase64String This method is used to convert the specified byte array to its corresponding string format which i...
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