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Major Feature Difference Between UIWebView and WKWebView

Because of the need of showing the HTML data/content inside an application the WKWebView is developed. It was introduced by iOS 8.0 whereas UIWebView was introduced by iOS 2.0     The UIWebView is a part of UIKit an...

How to remove any section of webpage before load it in UIWebView

If we want to remove any section from webpage like header or footer than use the following code. In the following code header and footer.footer are the tag identifier of html Class. We have to use the appropriate tag of the control which we...

How to Show a pdf File from URL in a UIWebview in iOS

when we want to open the pdf file from a URL string then we use the UIWebView. In webview we can directly open the file by loading the url request.use the following function-- -(void)addWebViewOverLay:(UIWebView *)webView { webView = [[UI...

Autoplay media files in UIWebView in IOS

When displaying media content using HTML5 in a web view on IOS the autoplay functionality does not work. To enable to web view to autoplay the media (if coded in HTML to autoplay) you need to add a line of code in your IOS application as expla...

Display UIWebView from HTML string with custom font and size

Following code can be used to change the font and size of UIWebView displayed from HTML string. To implement this first change the font and size of HTML string then load the UIWebView with this string like below. UIFont *font = [UIFont fontWit...
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