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Passing data using NSNotificationCenter

There are different ways for passing data between controllers in Objective-C. In this example we are going to use NSNotificationCenter for passing data from one view controller to another view controller. NSNotificationCenter is generally used to...

KeyboardWillShow and KeyboardWillHide

When we click on TextField  keyboard lifts up but if our text field is at bottom then we are not able to see it so with the help of NSNotificationCenter we can solve this issue. Add one TextField in ViewController, give bottom constraint ...


An NSNotificationCenter is used for broadcasting information within a program. It is like television broadcast where messages are broadcasted throughout the program. We can send the notification when some event occurs. For example, There is no...

How to move UITextField when keyboard shows ?

When we are entering text in a textField and that textField is at bottom of the screen then we need that the textField should appear above the keyboard and the keyboard should not hide the textField.. For that we need to set the height of keyboar...
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