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Display a list of all installed application in an android device

The PackageManager class is used to get the information of application packages that are currently installed on android device. You can get an instance of PackageManager class using getPackageManager().   Below example will show you ho...

Accessing another apps by listing installed applicatoins in android

This tutorial is for getting the list of installed apps in your android devices. The information we reterive with the currently installed apps in a device using  PackageManager class. We will get the instance of this class by calling getPack...

List and Detail of all installed application Android

There is multiple ways to get installed application information like PackageInfo and ApplicationInfo.  In this tutorial I will show both way to get All installed applications.    Step 1:-   get Package Manager In...

Perform different operations using package name in android

1) If your requirement is to get app icon from package name then below few lines of code will be helpful for you. try { Drawable app_icon = getPackageManager().getApplicationIcon("PACKAGE_NAME"); my_imageView.setBackgrou...

How to generate keyhash for Android App(Facebook integration)

If you need to integrate Facebook SDK in your android app you have to generate keyhash, to configure Facebook API console. Add this method to your utility class and call this method from onCreate() of any Activity. For digital data integrity and ...

How to get Package information programmatically in Android

In some cases we have to get global information about application environment programmatically. We will get package name, version name, version code, application info and last updated time using the PackageInfo class which contains all of the inf...

How to check if a device has camera in Android

At times, we make apps which use camera feature but that app can also be used on non camera devices for other features. There we have to apply a check on using the camera feature, that is as follows: PackageManager packageManager =
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