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  • how to migrate liferay theme from one installation to another

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    Sometime we need to migrate theme from one installation another. We can do this easily by following the below steps:

    1). Create a new theme in Liferay 6.2 using this command.

    ./ themename ThemeDisplayName

    themename = The Name of your theme.

    ThemeDisplayName = The Name of theme which you can see in Manage page>look and feel in liferay GUI Application.

    Note: Assign execute permission to your "" in "/liferay-plugins-sdk-6.2.0/themes/" folder.

    2). Deploy the created theme by command.

    ant deploy

    3). Copy the oldertheme(6.1)>docroot>_diffs>images folder and paste it in newtheme(6.2)>docroot>_diffs.

    4). Copy the oldertheme(6.1)>docroot>_diffs>templates folder and paste it in


    5). Copy the oldertheme(6.1)>docroot>diffs>js folder and paste it in


    6). Compare olderthemes css files with new themes css files.

    Ex. :   Lets take portlet.css. So,first compare oldertheme(6.1)>docroot>diffs >css >portlet.css with newtheme(6.2)>docroot>css>portlet.css .
    If you find any changes in same css class then add those changes in custom.css of new theme. Repeat step-6 until you complete to compare all the css files.

    Deploy new theme.

    Hope this will help you. Enjoy coding :)

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