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  • Xcode Debug Returns "failed: permission_denied". Can't Send Xcode to Firebase Data

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    Answer it

    What I am doing

    I am trying to send data through textfield to the database of Firebase to make sure whether both xcode and firebase are connected.


    The question to solve

    2018-06-28 13:42:02.795922+0900 SNS[7542:1313616] 5.0.0 - [Firebase/Database][I-RDB038012] setValue: or removeValue: at /list/-LG3gfosEPzRUA2nGQM7 failed: permission_denied


    Debug area always returns this result after clicking "Add" button . It seems like firebase denies this processing. But I still haven't been able to find a solution for this although I figured out and tried out as many ideas as I could come up with.


    I want to know how to get a permission from Firebase to save data in it


    Or if there is something problem that you can find from the information of this project down below, I would like you to indicate.


    Development environment

    • IDE: Xcode
    • Language: swift 4.0.3
    • Database: Firebase


    View Controller code

     import UIKit
    import Firebase
    class ViewController: UIViewController {
        @IBOutlet weak var TextField: UITextField!
     var ref: DatabaseReference?
    @IBAction func Add(_ sender: Any) {
        ref = Database.database().reference()
        if TextField.text != "" {
            let data = ["name": TextField.text!]
            TextField.text! = ""


    The project situation

    Security rule

    service cloud.firestore {
      match /databases/{database}/documents {
        match /{document=**} {
          allow read, write;

    Probably, I don't think I have to be changing this.


    I made sure this file was added to the navigator area of xcode and the file was downloaded when making the project.

    Setting initialization code on AppDelegate file

    FIRApp.configure() has already been set on APPDelegate file.



    The same questions I found on stackoverflow were indicated about a code of Security Rules by questions but now the change of security rules became more intuitive handling like you can roughly select allowability of writing and reading by radio buttons between "lock mode" and "test mode" so I checked the "test mode" but Firebase still haven't opened its permission.

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