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  • Why React.js Programming Framework is in Demand

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    React.js is a JavaScript framework launched in 2013. It has become one of the most in-demand frameworks in the technical world since then. Even after 5 years from the launch, developers prefer using React.js because of its simplicity, high-speed and unique features. The main reason behind high-popularity of react.js is the easiness to create an interactive user interface. There are many grounds on which React.js have emerged as a well-liked framework.


    In this article, we have mentioned some of the layouts that have made React.js an in-demand technology. These reasons signify why React.js is used in the front end web application development.


    1.     Free and Simple to understand

    The biggest advantage of using React.js is that it is a free open-source framework used by front-end web developers. It is a simple source-code that is easy to understand and learn. The JavaScript developers can easily become a React.js expert by performing coding practice regularly. Also, it is a flexible source-code that provides fast speed web application development.


    2.     Unique declarative features

    The most attractive feature of React.js is that it reduces complexities and simplifies the source-code. In addition to it, web developers are free to create an interactive user interface. This helps the developers to build a user-friendly web application.


    3.     Virtual DOM

    React.js has enabled web developers to create virtual Document Object Model. This has resolved the bottleneck problems of updating DOM and changing the algorithms. Every change is made on virtual DOM and then all algorithms are applied to the original DOM. As a result, it consumes less time in updating changes, improves performance and provides a cleaner user experience.


    4.     Reusability of Components Effortlessly

    Front-end web developers can effortlessly reuse components in the development process. Each component holds its unique internal logic that can be reused in case of multiple user interfaces. Hence it saves time and improves efficiency. Solving related programming practice problems may help JavaScript developers to expertise the techniques to reuse components without any pain. It provides developers the ability to create, reuse and combine components in the source code.


    5.     Server-Side Rendering

    React.js enables the web developers to pre-provide the initial status of its components on the server. This helps in obtaining fast page loading speed. Also, it avoids the waiting time to deliver the JavaScript code.


    6.     JSX feature

    With the unique feature of JavaScript syntax extension, the web developers can easily use XML and HTML with React.js. This results in optimized code, type security and smarter production of templates.


    So these are some of the important reasons that signify the great advantages and uses of React.js that make it popular and in-demand library of JavaScript. This also represents that the future of JavaScript Developers is bright and secure.

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