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  • Vue vs ReactJS - Which is Better Front-end Development Framework

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    Any developer will tell you that front-end development can be confusing especially with the new JavaScript libraries sprouting now and then. When a developer starts a project in an app development company in India, he or she faces a tough choice of sticking with the battle-tested stack or experimenting with cutting-edge tech. Here is a comparison between the 3rd and 4th most starred repositories on Github: Vue and React. 


    The overview of the technology

    ReactJS is a front-end framework that interacts with HTML documents through the virtual DOM and follows a declarative style of programming. It uses a component-based approach for more speed and flexibility especially when building complex applications. Lastly, it uses a Flux architecture with a single-direction data flow.



    On the other hand, Vue.js is a popular open-source framework for building complex user interface. It improves on the Angular and React concepts as it is a progressive framework. The similarity between the two is that both use components, two-way data binding and virtual DOM.


    However, there are certain differences between the two:


    1. Handling of templates

    Vue handles templates with Single File Components and distinct blocks for HTML templates, styles and JS. This separation makes it easy to learn. React uses JSX. Here, both HTML and CSS are expressed through JavaScript with XML syntax, allowing you to build standalone graphic user interface components which contain all the rendering instructions.


    The choice between JSX and templates boils down to preferences of the application development company in India but JSX can feel more powerful and flexible. 


    2. State Management

    State is the data that is shared between UI components. Bigger systems have difficulties in managing this data without causing unpleasant side effects. React apps need state management but Vue does not require a local state as you can modify data using the data property of a Vue object.


    3. Popularity

    The popularity of a library affects the number of developers available for hire and also the quality of third-party libraries.


    4. Support

    React has better support when compared to Vue.js. It has a huge community with more tutorials, online courses and articles, which also means a huge ecosystem of third-party libraries, packages, tools and extensions. This is expected since the library is developed and maintained by Facebook.


    Vue is less fragmented than React’s community which is a plus. This means less time when searching for solutions to common issues.


    5. Talent availability

    React is the most popular front-end library and has more experienced engineers available for hire. Vue has a higher shortage which means that programmers with this knowledge are more appealing to application development companies in India. 


    These are just some of the comparisons between Vue.js and ReactJS. 



    React and Vue.Js are both excellent choices for modern web application development. React has better scalability for creation of complex enterprise-grade applications and a huge ecosystem. Vue is easy to learn, use and has the best documentation and performance. So eventually, the best technology to use will come down to the specific needs of the application development company in India.

    Vue vs ReactJS - Which is Better Front-end Development Framework

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