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  • What is CSS box model

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    As we all know CSS is style sheet language used to give a beautiful look,Design to our document written in HTML.

    CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheet.

    CSS is a kind of technology used by many websites to create attractive.eye catching webpages. It is also used to create user interfaces for web applications,many mobile application.

    All those who use CSS properties must be using Margin,Border,Padding and then the content inside them.

    In this blog i would like to tell readers about BOX Model properties under which all these properties i.e Margin,Padding,Border,Content are categorized

    1. Margin - It is used to clear area outside the border. It is the outer most layer in BOX MODEL.
    2. Border - It separates the padding area and margin area.
    3. It is the second layer after margin in BOX MODEL. Border property in CSS is used to separate contents or sometimes it is used to decorate our contents with is different properties mentioned below:
      • dotted - Provides a dotted border.
      • dashed - Provides a dashed border.
      • solid - Provides a solid border.
      • double - Provides a double border.
      • groove -Provides a 3D grooved border.
      • ridge - Provides a 3D ridged border.
      • inset - Provides a 3D inset border.
      • outset - Provides a 3D outset border.
      • none -no border.
      • hidden - hidden border.
      • Note:Effect of few border properties like groove,ridge,inset,outset depends on color value which provide to the border.

    1. Padding - It is used to clear an area around the content. It is the third layer comes after border.
    2. Content - Content is the main part of the box, where all the content text,images etc appears.
      It is the inner most layer in BOX MODEL.

    Note:Padding and Margin are transparent.

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