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  • What are Test scenarios, Test cases and Test scripts

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    Test Scenario:-

    Its a high level definition and classification of the test requirement. In testing of any module's functionality it is grouped depending on same functionality.

    It consist of following parameters:

    • Use case ID
    • scenario ID
    • Test scenario description
    • Number of test cases associated with it

    Test Case:-

    Test cases are the document or set of conditions(valid and invalid) under which tester ensure that it satisfies the requirements. A test case with valid functionality called positive test case and with invalid functionality called Negative functionality.

    Test cases template consist following fields:

    • Scenario ID
    • Test case ID
    • Test cases description
    • Prerequisite
    • Test steps
    • Test Data
    • Expected result
    • Actual result
    • Status
    • Comment

    Test Script:

    Test script are nothing its a set of instruction  or a test case composed with test data. For a same test case there can be multiple test scripts with multiple set of test data. In manual testing it is also referred as Test case.

    A test scripts can be a Manual test script and Automation test script

    Automation test Script:-  Its a test steps written in scripting and programming language and executed with automation tool.




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