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  • What are Animations in CSS3?

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    <!DOCTYPE html>
    @keyframes anim
    from {background:#fff;}
    to {background:#00ff;}
    @-webkit-keyframes anim /*Safari and Chrome*/
    from {background:#000;}
    to {background:#090909;}
    animation:anim 10s ;
    -webkit-animation:anim 5s; /*Safari and Chrome*/

    An animation is an effect that lets an element gradually change from one style to another.
    You can change as many styles you want, as many times you want.

    Syntax: @keyframes animationname {keyframes-selector {css-styles;}}
    animationname required defines the name of the animation.
    keyframes-selector required percentage of the animation duration.
    Legal values is 0-100%.
    from (same as 0%)
    to (same as 100%)
    css-styles required one or more legal CSS style properties.

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