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  • What Is Fault In Software Testing ?

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    What Is Fault In Software Testing ?

    Normally software fault is also recognized as the bugs or defects, these emerges when the presumed results or prospective results does not equal with the real results or actual results.

    This is also known as the bug, error, failure, flaw, damage or fault in a computer language or program. Maximum issues or bugs  are created by the mistakes or misunderstanding and errors are created by the programmers or architects or developers.


    Different Types Of Faults:- There are many types of faults in software testing. Few of them are mentioned below:-

    • Business Reason Faults
    • Performance Based Faults
    • Logical and Functional Faults
    • GUI Based Faults
    • Security Based Faults


    How can we prevent these faults?:- There are several ways or methods for maintaining or  preventing developers from commencing defective code throughout the development:-

    • Programming or Development Approaches Acquired
    • Code Analysis
    • Software or Application Development methodologies
    • Peer Review

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