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  • What Does a Client Logo Really Mean for Business Branding Success?

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    Why the professional company logo design of the client should never ever be professed unless and until they have been earned.


    Almost everyone in your surrounding defines you during your young age that “fake it till the time you actually make it”.


    And I am pretty sure with it, in fact, I agree like hell with it. There comes quite a few time in my routine life where I do not have any sort of idea regarding what I really was diving into, but I was truly determined and said yes. I find out exactly as I leaped forward in my life.


    Everyone probably does it up to a considerable extent and I think there is no wrong with this approach.


    “Fake it up till you definitely make it” – What does it really mean?


    If you are in a situation where you are not feeling confident, pretend to feel confident until the time you obtain the desired tools or experience required to execute and then deliver the final product.


    On various occasions, I have come across to see the former freelancers or employees profess a logo of the client on their site when it was really an agency or someone else which provided them the task to make a logo design.


    Does design any website page of a client or a little bit of web copy makes you entitled to represent that particular client as yours?


    I have attended several meetings of the clients where my case studies which I wrote after doing hours of research, have been laid down by the agency of an author that had my previous employees working for their team.


    It is certainly not like “fake it until you really make it”


    This is nothing but the simple and straight forward act of stealing and false representation of yourself. All the logo designs on a website have got the process of the corresponding check which was paid to the relevant agency directly. Therefore, you must do it too for your website.


    All the above points really sound like beating the dead horse and I know this. However, let’s be fair and clear.


    In the majority of the cases, trust is the valued intangible asset as compared to any other asset in the whole world.


    Do your work and earn the clients. Go a step further and earn the relationship.


    A handsome number of agencies, freelancers and other different contractors are putting enough efforts to make this possible where they profess to have a big organization like Nike on their list of clients. At the end of the day, no such relationship exists.


    They might have been able to produce some small piece of content, or some different type of content but small in magnitude. And off course, at this very point in time you can, but not certainly, profess the organization as your client.


    But If this something you take proud of, I can claim with utmost certainty that there exist very much in this world to wish as compared to just simply making a ‘.png’ the file of image related to the logo of the company on your website or portfolio. While you own these sparkling opportunities to obtain to know any person quite deeply, you too can take advantage or exploit this opportunity.


    In my honest and practical opinion, among the coolest things that come in our lives, is being capable to give a phone call to a current client or an old client just to invite them for the lunch. This will allow you to get to know them as a person.


    It is certainly the relationships which win us the projects that we always want to work on. Yes, talent in primary and then the capability to execute that talent is always vital. However, you must have to provide your clients with a cause or reason to pick you in front of other talented individuals in the market. Undoubtedly, that reason is trust.


    So, enforce your client, with your soft skills and efforts, to trust you.


    Do a favor to yourself:


    It is always a great combination of trust and fantastic work that compels your clients to propagate your credentials in front of their friends.


    And it is the aver that you were engaged for work with your client, even if you have nothing to display, which leaves an absolute loath in their mouth.


    Imagine if someone professed to do a task for your owned business:


    You do not know who this particular person is. What type of work they ever to have in joint cooperation with you. And you suddenly have no idea it is good or not or what general public ponder about it. Sort of alarming, isn’t it?


    Do yourself a little bit of help and for earning that relationship. It will really come good for you. Good for your client as well. And again, do not just blindly roam around the world and present yourself in front of this world as an utter foolish individual.


    Keep a check to yourself by doing this:


    Before presenting the custom business logo design to the market, make sure to have the corresponding check right in your hand. Not with the help of a third party, but from the original source, directly. For any query shaped up in skepticism, you got an answer.


    By grasping the very role of any professional company logo design, you will enable yourself to craft much stronger brands which will do well for the business.


    To wrap up about what is being in the above paragraphs, the custom business logo design of a client is not just about the project or work you were able to create, the transaction, interaction with anyone, etc. It is about your announcement or confession in front of the world that a brand on a national level trusts you. Also, it is your basis of suggestion which everyone else must have too.


    It is as easy and as simple as that.

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