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  • 5 Industrial Technologies That Are Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

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    Two decades ago, the manufacturing industry was considered to be one of the least technologically advanced industries. Companies were still using old technologies and didn’t seem receptive to adopting new technologies.


    Fast-forward to today, the manufacturing industry is experiencing exciting technological transformation. Advanced technologies are being implemented to enhance efficient and speedy production. Here are 5 industrial technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.


    Level measurement technology

    Safety and profit margins of the manufacturing industry are hugely determined by how accurate a plant can measure the level of raw or finished materials in a container (petroleum, waste, water, etc.). provides companies with integrated measuring solutions that enhance accurate level measurement.


    Since most manufacturing companies handle products in bulk, level measurement technology helps keep track of inventory and increases efficiency when done accurately. It also ensures that a manufacturing plant has a steady supply of raw materials and ultimately the finished product.


    Advanced robotics

    Over the years, the manufacturing industry has experienced increased complexity in their operations. This has resulted in a shift from traditional labor to advanced robotics, to enable streamlining of the manufacturing processes.


    Advanced robotics refers to the use of powerful and sophisticated hardware to run processes using smart technology. The number of industrial robots being operated in the world is high in counties with many manufacturing plants


    3D printing

    This is a type of additive manufacturing that aids in the creation of 3 dimensional objects using any material, including plastic and metal. While this technology is still being advanced, it comes with unimaginable benefits for the manufacturing industry.


    3D printing promotes production flexibility, enhances cost effectiveness and reduces manufacturing lead times. It also reduces wastage of raw materials in the design process.


    Augmented reality

    This technology is interactive and combines digital elements to provide an interactive experience. In the past, it was mostly used in the gaming industry but the manufacturing companies are quickly embracing it as it promotes efficient operations


    With augmented reality, the production downtime is greatly reduced, data is easily accessible, errors are identified quickly and maintenance time is reduced.


    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing makes it easy for companies to share data within a short time frame. With the Internet of Things, data is easily shared within a plant but cloud computing makes it easy for the data to be shared across multiple plants.


    Manufacturing companies often have branches in other countries and cloud computing keeps them connected. With the enhanced connectivity, activities across all plants are streamlined and production costs reduced.


    This technology can be integrated in all aspects of the manufacturing processes including the design process and supply chain.


    How Industrial Technologies Are Impacting the Manufacturing Industry

    There is no doubt that the manufacturing industry is now a hub for new technologies. This is attributed to the fact that industrial technologies assist with:

    • Predictive maintenance that results in decreased downtime.
    • Enhanced efficiency due to streamlined operations.
    • Reduction in product failures and error rates.
    • Decreased production costs and ultimately high profit margins.


    The manufacturing sector stands to benefit greatly from adopting the above technologies.

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