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  • Web Designing Vs. Web Development: Do You Know The Key Distinctions?

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    We are heading towards digitalization, and having an attractive website plays an important role in generating leads and increasing conversion. Thus, you need to update the website according to recent technological trends and customer’s requirements.


    Most people would think web designing and web development are the same, but they are two separate things. Web designing involves the aesthetic look of your website and how different parts work together to create an attractive online space for your business.


    Whereas Web development means you write code and try to represent the design work in the actual world. It is the mechanical process of building, programming, and testing the code to meet the client’s expectations.

    What Is Web Designing  

    Who is not interested in an attractive design? We all. Web designing encompasses many different aspects and practices, such as CSS, HTML, Illustrator, Photoshop, to make attentive websites. However, there is a false belief that web designers can’t produce code, but they use different tools to build a model of your home page and exclusive internal pages.


    The designer will work on things like colors, graphics, and different visual elements that will be used on site. It also gives you a chance to provide feedback about your designs, and you can add, modify, or remove the elements from the current mock-up.


    In short, the designer presents some ideas of what the user wants to see and experience when they visit your website.

    What Is Web Development 

    Web development directly linked with programming skills, and it broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing sites for hosting through the internet. It includes web designing, content development, hosting, server-side scripting, and security configuration.


    The web developer should have extensive knowledge of different programming languages to build websites such as javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and many others to use them to make a functional website. Today, many companies are looking for angularjs development solution to create a smart web application.


    For instance, if a web designer has added the feature named calls-to-action(CTA) button on the home page, now those buttons must be coded into the site to ensure that when users click on that, they respond instantly.

    Web Design Vs. Web Development In A Nutshell

    These are completely different concepts, and if you want to build a dynamic and functional website, you need both of them equally. Web designer takes care of design elements and visual effects, whereas a web developer works with a database, site navigation, links and forms on the site.


    Website developers are sometimes called programmers, and they work on the backhand. Site visitors can not see it but surely experience it. Website programmers or developers use tools like Php, MySQL, Visual Studio, and many more.


    On the other hand, web designers are those who are experts in the accessibility of colors, implementation of all kinds of unique UI/UX that will make the website more special.


    Consolidation of designing and developing makes interactive sites and delivers you the best results within the time. The bottom line is designers are engaged with creativity, and developers to focus more on logic-based thinking like how code and technology work together.

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