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  • V-Model: Advantages And Disadvantages

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    V-Model stands for the ‘Verification’ and ‘Validation’ Model. Same as the waterfall model, V-Model also applied as a consequent life cycle model. In the V-model, every stage should be accomplished ahead the next stage starts. Testing phase is executing parallelly of every development phase.


    There are different-different phases in the V-model. Few phases are described as below:-


    Requirements:- Requirements means  BRS (Business Requirement Specification), SRS (System Requirement Specification) start the V-model same as the waterfall model. In the V-model normally we created the test plan ahead the development began.These test plan concentrates on the main functionalities which were set in the time of requirements gathering .  


    High-Level Design:- This phase is normally concentrates on the system design and architecture. These high level design furnish the summary of system, platform, applications, process etc.


    Low-Level Design:- In this phase the original software elements are designed. LLD describes the original logics for all elements of the application.Component testing is performed under this level.


    Coding:- This section is displayed at the bottom of the V-model image. As per the SRS, designs are changed into code style by the programmers.

    Below is the image of V-Model:-

    Advantages Of V-Model:- There are several types of advantages when using V-model. Few advantages are mentioned as below --

    • V-model is very easy and simple to utilize
    • V-model is very good for the small projects where all requirements are very clear and easily understandable .   
    • When V-model is utilized then issues are found at the early level.                                                                  


    Disadvantages Of V-Model:- There are also many disadvantage of the V-model. Few of them are mentioned as below --

    • Very inflexible and lowest adaptable.
    • In the V-model, when there will any changes during the development then need to update all the testing documents besides SRS docs.  
    V-Model: Advantages And Disadvantages

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