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  • Types of headphones and how to determine comfort and fit of headphones

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    Headphones come in different sizes, colors, designs and shapes. If you want a custom made, the manufacturers will design one that will perfectly suit your taste.

    When you are trying to select one to buy, you might be confused in making a selection because there are really many designs in the market. In this article, we are going to look at different kinds of headphones as well as determine their comfort and fit.

    Types of headphones

    For a perfect understanding of this section, we shall look into earphones, wireless headphones and in-line microphone and controls.


    Many people refer it as in-ear headphones. Whether you call it in-ear headphone or earphones, earphones are put through the ear canal.

    Their features includes flanges or removable tips, and their main function is to isolate noise coming from outside. These tips can come in various materials such as memory foam, rubber and silicone.

    Wireless headphones

    There are multiple benefits of using wireless headphones. People prefer to go wireless for so many reasons such as wireless is more fun, until you go wireless, you won’t be able to notice how annoying wires could be.

    Wireless headphones are more durable and accessible. They sound good enough and they have high quality battery life.

    In-line microphone and controls

    A lot of headphones come with an in-line microphone and/ or control capacities. This will help the user to take calls or play music on their smartphones. Make sure your mobile device supports in-line microphones and controls.


    Specialty features

    Headphones are available with lots of feature sets, which will make your listening pleasurable, useful, and more convenient for your specific listening style.

    Noise cancellation

    Using noise cancelation headphones will help you to capture ambient sounds, thereby cancelling the original sounds in your ear. To do this effectively, they will use one or more tiny microphones.

    Sound isolation

    The advantage of sound-isolating headphones is that they create a barrier between the noise coming from outside and your ear. Many people prefer it because of the way it fit snugly inside their ear canals.


    There are two major types of wireless headphones such as:

    ·       Those that are in-use at home often used in watching television, and

    ·       Those that come with Bluetooth wireless- they are used with portable devices like smartphones, and tablets.

      Wireless headphones can be used in many ways.

    Read online reviews

    If you are searching to buy headphones, the best thing you should do is to read online reviews and recommendations. Take time to read what other people have said about various products. This will help you to make the right selection.

    How to test headphones

    The first thing you should check out is its ‘bass extension’ and then its treble extension. Make sure you test them properly because making your purchase.

    Durability and warranty

    Most headphones come with manuals, which contains its durability and warranty period. Read them, and ensure the one you are buying is durable, and comes with a good warranty.

    Ways to determine comfort and fit of headphones

    Your ears are the judge

    Your ears remain the best judge when you are checking whether a particular headphone is the best for you or not. If it is hurting your ear, then changing it becomes necessary. Take time to look for the headphone that will fit your ear.

    It is senseless to use a specific headphone simply because someone says that it gives comfort and fitting. Ensure you have experienced it before making your purchase.

    Earwax cleaning

    Earwax can affect the sounds of your headphones. The drivers will be blocked if you are unable to remove the excess wax. Thus, go for headphones with earwax cleaning capacity.

    Form, comfort and size

    Form, comfort and size are what a lot of people look at anytime they are searching for wireless headphones. Many people will prefer using a specific pair of headphones for a long time simply because they see it to be highly convenient and comfortable.

    Wireless headphones without these features hardly sell. Wireless headphones come in three unique forms namely over-ear, on-ear and in-ear.

    Battery Life

    This is a great thing to consider; it is an essential part of wireless headphones. Before you make your purchase, ensure the headphones have a good battery life. There are some of them that have quality battery life; there are also others with low or minimal battery life (the battery will fade within few hours of use). You will get full details of this by either reading the manufacturers’ manual or online testimonials.

    Controls and pairing

    If you have used wired headphones, you will notice that they come with controlling capacities like pause, play or volume with physical buttons, and wire. Wireless headphones are totally different; some of them come with touch controls instead.

     Some of them can be perfectly paired with Bluetooth. Before making your purchase, check out their controls and pairing features.

    Sound quality

    Great sound is an amazing thing. What sounds great for one person may not be the same for another. Thus, the most effective way of finding your ideal set of headphones is pairing as much as you can and through audition as well.

     If you browse through stores, you will see different brands and models. Keep in mind that not all headphones are designed for you. Some are exclusively designed for children, while others are for adults. Use the one that is designed for you.

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