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  • A Quick List of Apple's iPhone Xs Features: Does it Really Worth Your Penny?

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    I often hear these kind of statements, “hey, you have an iPhone right? Please take a picture of us”. Apple seems to make it a point to maintain the quality of their products especially their signature ones - the iPhones.


    As the past decade passed, Apple has momentously improved their device, making its every iPhone installment the most awaited and preferred phones worldwide. We know that every new phone of Apple brings a bunch of opportunities for countless iPhone app development companies in USA and across the globe along with quite a few challenges bundled.

    The newest addition to their hall of fame is iPhone X announced to be released soon. It’s full screen, with no conventional or touch button on home screen. Want to know about all the features it has to offer and whether its worth your penny or not? This quick feature list will help:


    1. Fully Screened


    Leave the space covered by the speaker and a tiny camera, everything else you see on the front of this device is just screen. An HD Super Retina 5.8 inch Display will rock your eyes.


    2. Sleek Rounded Corners


    I personally liked iPhone X’s rounded corners and outer designs than any previous edition.


    3. More Depth. More Colors. Better Experience


    The contrast ratio of iPhone X is 1 million to 1. The all-new OLED screen has especially been developed for iPhone X. iPhone app development services might want to enhance their future app’s visual details to match the quality of iPhone X.

    4. Wireless Charging


    Just place your device on the wireless charger and in a matter of minutes, it will be fully charged. No need to plug in the adapter.

    5. Face Recognition


    When you have your iPhone X in your pocket, you don’t need any other kind of password to unlock it beside your own face. Yes, you face is your password.


    6. Dirt, Water Resistance


    Yes, X is dirt, water, and splash proof. Hence, it will likely last long.

    7. Powerful Camera. Real-Life Effects, Cools Features


    A potent 12 MP camera captures the slightest of your details. The phone comes with amazing photo effect filters and 3d facial mapping animoji.

    8. Extraordinary Augmented Reality


    X’s powerful processor enlivens high definition augmented reality in your phone. You can now enjoy visuals without worrying about device slow performance now.

    All things considered, we can say that Apple finally decided to come out of its old shoes with the new iPhone. To make it a success as a parallel series to regular iPhones, I believe that the tech giant will leave no stones unturned. The X series will just improve over time and if you are planning to buy one, I would say that it’s definitely a great idea.

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