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  • Types of Mask in Photoshop (part 1)

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    Hello Friends !!
    If you are familiar with Photoshop then it is well and good. If you are a fresher then don't worry, Today i gonna tell you about Mask and types of Mask.

    Ok now the question arise "What is Mask??"

    Question 1: What is Mask?

    Mask is a Layer either white or black background and it works with transparency. That means when we apply mask on a layer, the white area of the mask allow us to see through the layer(the layer on which we have applied the mask) but the black area blocks.

    Here is an Example:

    This is an image.
    alt text

    This is what we get after Masking the layer.

    alt text

    Question 2: What are the types of Mask?

    Types of Mask are as follows:-

    1. Layer Mask
    2. Vector Mask
    3. Quick Mask
    4. Adjustment Layer Mask
    5. Clipping Mask

    For more explanation of the Types please visit Types of Mask in Photoshop (part 2) thanks !!

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