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  • Tips and Tricks in Creating Facebook Story Ads Your Customers Will Swipe Up

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    Facebook stories are a relatively new feature. Nonetheless, it’s now another way for businesses to advertise and promote their products or services. As many more users enjoy being on the platform, the population on Facebook is still consistently growing. This makes it a very effective tool for marketing as you’re guaranteed a wide audience reach.


    But since it's a relatively new feature, a lot of businesses may have a hard time trying to figure out how to make it work for them in terms of driving advertising results. More so, you’ve got to reach out to the appeal of Facebook stories users, a majority of whom are millennials. 


    To be able to create Facebook story ads that are able to invite customers to swipe up, there are a few tricks or ideas that you can do to push them towards that action. This article gives you some of the best tips and tricks for you to come up with great ads.


    Keep Messages Simple

    The best way to get your message on Facebook ads is to keep your messages simple. After all, you only have a maximum of five seconds for images and a minute for videos. Filling your ads stories with many things will only make your viewers even more confused. Hence, they won’t get a grasp of the message that you’re trying to convey. Remember that this goal is very important, as when you’ve achieved your marketing goals, your business’ sales are set to increase  as well.


    Here are tips to follow to ensure that your Facebook stories ads will stay simple:

    • Limit your decorative graphics to three
    • If you’re trying to tell a story fast, use a background image
    • Add a short copy so you can convey your message better


    Make Time-Sensitive Content


    A great way of convincing your customers to purchase your product is by creating a sense of urgency around your item. 


    The great thing about Facebook stories is that they are only visible to your followers for 24 hours. Thus, letting you create a sense of urgency that you need to push your customers to take action. 


    This will compel your customers to make a decision faster, which will be to your benefit. The sense of being limited will make your item feel more valuable to them.


    Create Native Stories Ad Creatives


    Facebook has a feature that allows you to use the ads you have on your own Facebook feed (or even your Instagram feed) and repurpose it to your Story as advertising.


    Although this was made convenient for you, it doesn't mean that it's the best course of action when creating a Facebook Story ad. That’s because your Facebook posts are not exactly optimized for Story. 


    Therefore, it's better to create an ad creative that is native and designed for Facebook Story. 


    Interest Users With Strong Visuals


    Despite the name Facebook Story, this particular feature is less about the words and text that you have any more about the visuals that you present.


    Since each Facebook Story is only available for 24 hours, you have to make sure that the impact of your ad creative is strong enough to urge them to take action. 


    Having a unique and impactful visual will attract customers and sustain their attention long enough for them to interact with your ad. Just make sure that your visuals align with your branding. 


    Take Advantage Of Video Ads


    A lot of best facebook advertising agency knows that something more powerful than plain images is videos. Therefore, it only makes sense that you create video ads on your Facebook Story as well.


    Video ads can help sustain the attention of your viewers much longer than images do. So other than creating a series of image ads for your Facebook Story, consider creating high-quality video ads as well.


    Split Your Stories


    Since this feature revolves around a story, you should make sure that each Facebook Story that you present does not show the entire narrative. It is ideal to leverage Facebook Story by releasing a sequence of relative ads. 


    Much like any good story you should make sure that there is proper pacing so that people's interests are sustained much longer. This is why it's best that you split your stories instead of showing them as one. 


    This gives you more time and space to create a whole narrative than you would have thought before. 


    Follow The Ad Requirements


    When creating a visual for your Facebook Story you should make sure that you follow the ad requirements. That way, you are sure to get your ads approved and published by Facebook, and that your audience can view your ad in the best light possible.


    There are certain specifications for different parts of or features of Facebook including Facebook Story. For example, the recommended resolution for both video and images on Facebook Story is 1,080 x 1,920 pixels. Other ad specs include:


    • The minimum resolution of video and images should be 600 x 1,067 pixels
    • The maximum file size of images should be 30 MB and 40 MB for videos
    • The file type of images must only be .jpg or .png
    • The file type of videos is .mp4 or .mov
    • The maximum length of videos must only be 60 seconds


    There’s a chance that these ad specifications will change over time, so make sure to keep yourself updated.


    Keep Your Message Short But Sweet

    Facebook Story isn’t meant for you to expound on a lot of things. So it’s best that you keep your message short but sweet. You have to make each word and each image count. This is especially important because each image won't be displayed for a very long time. 


    You have to find the sweet spot between communicating the right message and creating an impact long enough to sustain the attention of your viewers. 


    The best way for you to learn how to do this is to pretend that you’re writing headlines. With headlines, you’ve got to capture the attention of your readers fast. When you apply the same tactics on the content of your Facebook Stories ads, you’ve got a higher chance of your stories’ message to be retained by your viewers.




    The Facebook Story feature is an important part of managing a business account on Facebook. Not to mention that it’s something that you should make the most out of. The article above should give you a brief idea of what you can do to work with this particular feature. Hopefully, it should make you less apprehensive about working with this feature and using it as a form of advertising for your business. With the wide reach that it has, you should definitely not miss out on grabbing that avenue. Otherwise, you could be pulling yourself even lower versus the competition. If you know how to manage and make the most out of Facebook Story, you’ll get more customers patronizing your business with the help of this social media network.

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