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  • Static Vs Dynamic Testing?

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    Under Static Testing code is not performed/executed. Maybe it manually verifys the code, necessity documents, and design documents to discover errors. Consequently, the name "static".

    Mail goal of this testing is to enhance the nature of finding the bugs/errors in early stages of the development cycle. This testing is additionally called as Non-execution technique or verification testing.
    This Testing includes manual or automated audits of the documents. This audit, is done during beginning period of testing to find bugs in STLC. It looks work documents and gives audit/review remarks.

    Work record can be by following:-

    - Requirement specifications
    - Design document
    - Source Code
    - Test Plans
    - Test Cases
    - Test Scripts
    - Help or User document
    - Web Page content
    alt text

    Under Dynamic Testing code is performed/executed. It verify the functionality of software framework , memory/cpu use and general execution of the system. Subsequently the name "Dynamic".

    Fundamental goal of this testing is to confirm that the software system works in conformance with the business requirements. This testing is likewise called as Execution technique or validation testing.
    This Testing executes the product and approves the output with the expected outcome. Dynamic testing is executed at all stages of testing and it can be either black or white box testing.

    Basic Difference between Static and Dynamic Testing?

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    Static Testing Dynamic Testing
    Testing managed without effecting the system/program. Executing of program is done during testing.
    Verification process is followed. Validation process is followed.
    It's prevention of defects It's finding and fixing the defects
    Evaluation of code and documentation is given in Static testing. Dynamic testing gives bugs/defects in the software framework.
    Includes the agenda/checklist and procedure to be followed Includes the test cases for execution
    Executed before aggregation/compilation Executed after aggregation/compilation
    Covers the basic and statement scope testing Covers the executable document of the code
    Expense of discovering defects and fixing is less Expense of finding and fixing defect is high
    Rate of profitability will be high as this procedure included at early stage Rate of profitability will be low as this procedure includes after the development stage
    More surveys remarks are highly recommended for good quality. More bugs are highly prescribed/recommended for good quality.
    Requires heaps of gatherings. Similarly requires lesser gatherings.

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