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  • Some Important Properties in Css

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    Properties are the most important features of the CSS as specify the visibility, size, and precise position of individual elements in a document. Other CSS properties allow you to specify stacking order, transparency, clipping region, margins, padding, borders, and colors. In order to write CSS, it is important to understand how these style properties work. They are summarized in Table below :-


    Property Description
    position Type of positioning applied to an element is specified by it
    top, left Plays a big role in telling the position of the top and left edges of an element
    bottom, right With these, it becomes easier to specify the position of the bottom and right edges of an element
    width, height The size of an element could be easily specified by it
    z-index The stacking order of an element relative to any overlapping elements is specified via it. Also, it defines a third dimension of element positioning
    display It's important as lets one know as to how and whether an element is displayed
    visibility It's tells about visibility of an element
    clip With this, it becomes easier to define a clipping region of an element. Also, it only displays portions of the element within this region
    overflow It specifies what steps to be taken if an element is bigger than the space allotted for it
    margin, border, padding Spacing and borders for an element are specified by it.
    background With this, specification of the background color or image of an element is done.
    opacity Specifies how opaque (or translucent) an element is. This is a CSS3 property, supported by some browsers. A working alternative exists for IE.

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