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  • Simple ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Improve Your Rankings

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    For an e-commerce business person, having a website is very necessary. Creating a website is very important because every business people need to promote their business online. SEO service is the right thing for you. Publishing the content will not improve the rankings in the search engines. Measuring your website's success is very important, which depends upon all key performance indicators ( KPIs) that are very necessary. If your website is not getting a big amount of leads and conversions, it means that the KPIs are not performing well. One such signal is the bounce rate. The high bounce rate is parallel to low lead generation. It is the ration of visitors, who visit your site and leave it within a few seconds. It is quite different from the exit rate. Exit rate shows the percentage of the visitors, who leave your site after visiting multiple pages on it. Here are some simple ways to assist to decrease the bounce rate of your site and improve its search engine ranking.


    Optimize for Relevance: -

     The moment a visitor visits your site, you can find out the relevant content. The content, images of services and products have to be in tune with your customer’s interests and needs.


    Make Sure a Mobile-Friendly Website: -

    By 2019, visitors are using mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, and iPad to access the web and internet, so you need to create a mobile-friendly website. Boosting a website for such types of devices is very compulsory.


    Optimizing Page Load Time: -

     No matter how responsive or user-friendly a website is, all your efforts go in vain if the web page loading consumes a lot of time.  If a web page does not load within two seconds or less, higher chances for the bounce rate is to increase. Smart marketers know very well that the content is to blame. But the fact is that the issue comes when the visitors do not read it. So, website speed optimization will affect visibility, conversion, and usability.


    Optimize a page load time by: -

    1.       Make the best use of CDN (content delivery network)

    2.       Search hosting (shared hosting, V.P.S., dedicated server)

    3.       Lessen the size of the images

    4.       Decrease the number of plug-ins

    5.       Minimize CSS and JavaScript Files

    6.       Optimize database in CMS (Content management system)

    7.       Decrease the use of web fonts

    8.       Lessen redirects


    Make Navigation Clean & Easy: -

     Finally, for a good user-friendly experience, the website must permit simple navigation across all the landing pages. Users seek an easy and clear signal to the services or products. Concentrate on a responsive and professional design.


    Thus, if you own e-commerce business you can hire any cheap SEO services to improve search engine ranking. By getting improved search engine ranking, you can earn quality leads and earn more customers.

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