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  • Happiness at Work: 7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

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    Having an excellent working environment makes people a lot more motivated and productive. Aside from that, it makes them happier people overall. Thus, it is within an organization’s best interest to ensure that their work environment is conducive to work.

    When it comes to maintaining a great work environment, you have to make sure that you prioritize the needs of your employees. After all, your employees are responsible for making your business run smoothly day in and day out. Prioritizing their overall wellness and happiness ensures that the rest will follow.


    With that said, there are several ways you can keep your employees happy and motivated. Here are seven of them that you can do.


    1. Be supportive

    No matter how much you spend on sprucing up your office, if the intangible aspects of a positive work environment aren’t answered, then you’re still not going to have happy and motivated employees. Therefore, you should first make sure that you have a supportive work environment before you even begin thinking about beautifying your office space.


    As a leader in the workplace, a sign of being a great leader is that people know that you are someone that they can count on for support. They should see not as someone who brings punishments when they do something wrong, but someone can ask for help when they’re unsure about something related to their work.


    If a work leader creates an environment of support in the workplace, everyone else is bound to open up and be more supportive of each other too.


    2. Prioritize a good work/life balance

    External factors outside of work affect how happy people are in the workplace. If they don’t have a good life outside of work, then they might not be at their best in the workplace. Therefore, you should give your employees ample time to have an experience outside of their work.


    A lot of organizations believe that their employees should have their lives revolved around the work. This is mainly through business owners. However, what they don’t realize is that the organization isn’t their one, and the only thing going on in life, much like you as an organization’s leader. Your life doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around work.


    Thus, it would be best if you created a culture that reminds your employees not to neglect the life that they have outside work.


    3. Office Wellness

    According to Maid Sailors, NYC office cleaning, the status, and how you maintain your office will also affect employee happiness and motivation. If you don’t take care of your own office space, then that can be an indication of how you treat your employees. Plus, the status of your workplace will inevitably affect your employees anyway.


    For example, if the office is cluttered, messy, and dirty, then it can make people get sick more often than they would in a cleaner environment. This will cause your employees to take leaves of absence, which will reduce productivity in the workplace.


    Therefore, it is worth your time to remember to clean up the office regularly. Also, do some deep cleaning every once in a while to thoroughly clean any areas that you wouldn’t clean during your single cleaning sessions.


    4. Always be transparent and honest

    Just because it is encouraged that you be supportive in the workplace, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone with velvet gloves. Instead, it would help if you were professional and constructive during the times when you have to bring up bad news.


    Also, make sure that you don’t criticize anyone publicly. Instead, take the time out to have some private moments to talk about the issues that come up for a specific employee.


    The people you are working with are professionals. As long as you, yourself, act like a professional, then you should be able to have the ability to be transparent and honest with specific workplace issues. Besides, this will make your employees value your opinion more.


    5. No restrictive dress code

    As much as possible, you should try and not have a dress code in the workplace if you can. Unless there are specific reasons for the dress code, uniforms can be restrictive and feel like it’s taking away people’s individuality. Thus, if you can do that in your industry, try and not have a conditional dress code that requires a Master’s degree to figure out.


    6. Encourage teamwork

    Your employees will work better if they know they have a team working behind them at all times. Therefore, you should always encourage teamwork for any work responsibilities. Congratulate your team as a whole for pulling through a tough assignment. Assign work that multiple people need to work on.


    Encouraging teamwork will make your employees feel a sense of camaraderie and will feel a stronger attachment to the company that they are working in.


    7. Knock out boredom

    Sometimes, your employees need a mental break. Therefore, there should be areas dedicated to just that.


    Even a room that has a TV or someplace to read and lounge for a bit can help knock out boredom and rejuvenate your employee’s minds.


    Wrap Up

    Your employees are critical to a successful organization. Therefore, investing in their motivation and happiness is vital. Hopefully, the ways listed above have given you an idea of how you can better the joy that people have at work.


    Don’t be restricted to these tips, however. Try and experiment and see what other ways can work for your workplace.

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