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  • How to Write SEO-Friendly Content Professional Tips & Tools

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    SEO articles were primarily about technical optimization. Today, the sites are put in order, and thanks to modern software, technical errors become rare. That is why the content is the most vital thing in SEO nowadays. Find out how to create decent content using these tips & tools.


    Five Vital Tips and Tools To Generate Impeccable SEO Content


    In the first part of our article, we will be focusing on seven professional tips that will help you to create excellent SEO content. Let us make it work!


    1.     Create Unique Content – Improve Your Imagination

    Well, writing unique and original content is essential, but many continue to generate texts whose quality is poor. Plagiarism has not led anyone to anything good unless the immediate goal was to get what it deserved from Google.


    Unique and original content is impossible without unique and innovative ideas, no matter how trite it may sound. Ideas should be non-trivial and able to make you think about what you read.


    2.     Readers’ needs are your primary target

    It's been almost 2020, and we all know very well that re-optimized content is outdated and not working. But this is a sure way for the user to have doubts about the professionalism of the creator of this very content. At the same time, it is unlikely that something can spoil the user’s experience even more than the text intentionally stuffed with keywords.


    To better understand the preferences and desires of users, you need to look at things for a moment with their eyes and imagine that they drive into the search bar when they are looking for this or that information.


    In an era when Google is obsessed with semantic search, it's time to start thinking about the power of LSI.


    3.     Create Unique & Exclusive Titles to Attract the Audience

    A catchy headline plays SEO at hand, and it's a well-known fact. A cool title in many respects decides the fate of the content: users will see it or not, it will have a reasonable click-through rate or not.


    To enhance the effect, you can add keywords to the title - to please both Google and users. In addition to a unique title, it is advisable to add an exclusive meta description. Search engines also need a meta description: the latter will make it more transparent what the article is about and whether it matches a specific search query.


    4.     Long-reads are still relevant, but...

    Today, the topic of written content and its most effective types in terms of SEO has been discussed millions of times. Many still believe that Google prefers the format of long reads.


    Probably because an article with a volume of 1000 words is more natural to place all the keywords you need, including LSI keywords, and even so that it does not look just like a list of search queries.


    The content should be succinct, containing only the necessary information on the topic and without additional meaningless tinsel.


    5.     No structure – no results

    It's simple: today, few people read anything from beginning to end. In order not to lose touch with the reader and keep the public at the level, you should think about the structure of the text.


    Google also draws attention to the structure of the text. How good it is will depend on how quickly it understands the main idea of publication. In order not to jeopardize the effectiveness of the content, do not forget to add keywords and synonyms in the headings and subheadings.


    Additional Useful Instruments to Boost Your Content

    When it comes to additional software or applications, or simple SEO tools, it is better to cooperate with professionals like TheAdsy. However, if you want to know this information, then read the section below and get these useful instruments for your future SEO content.


    Google Keyword Planner

    Initially, the Keyword Planner was created to provide the most effective setting for pay-per-click contextual advertising. Now, it also allows you to:


    ·       Search for new keywords and ideas for creating ad groups. Functionality can be used not only for purely advertising purposes but also for generating ideas at the stage of content development.

    ·       These keywords become the most effective for the implementation of content marketing.

    ·       Lists containing a large number of keywords can provide a lot of ideas for content marketing.


    Google Trends to Follow

    The tool allows you to understand which keywords are best used to solve a specific problem. It also makes it possible to track the effectiveness of various keywords in the regions of interest.


    Currently, Google Trends include tons of advanced search analysis tools.


    Google Analytics

    Merely creating a quality publication is not enough. It is important to continually measure its effectiveness in terms of return on investment (ROI). The Google Analytics service, well known to all industry experts, will help in this.


    The statistics service can also be used for many other tasks, such as: developing new ideas, targeting, optimizing, analyzing test launches of new types of content, and so on.



    This tool is an SEO plugin for WordPress. It allows you to work with keywords right when creating a publication in the editor. If you need to prepare content that meets the needs of SEO and at the same time is aimed at real users, then Squirrly is the perfect find. The plugin allows you to not only optimize the content but also measure its effectiveness.


    Quick Sprout

    The data obtained using Quick Sprout will help you understand which of the types of content published on competing sites is most interesting to users. This will allow you to develop relevant and exciting materials in various formats for placement on your resource.



    By using these professional and expert tips & tools, you have a great chance to boost your content and make your websites attract more traffic and audience. Now, you can understand how to achieve the best outcomes by improving your SEO content. 

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